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Forget about traditional 360-degree feedback procedures that slow you down. With Sorwe’s 360-degree feedback system, we give you a deep understanding of your organization’s skill set, empowered with AI. Evaluate your team with 21 different ready-to-use competency sets and fully automatic management!
360 Feedforward
Competency Sets
Competency Sets
Benefit from 21 ready to use competency sets. You can also upload your own questions and create a 360 degree evaluation specific to your institution.
Automatic Mapping
Automatic Mapping
Generate the reviewer group map automatically, deciding who will evaluate who for you. Save time by eliminating manual processes.
Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports
Get individual, team and company wide reports. Discover dominant and below average competencies within your organization.
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It’s Ready. Use It or Create Your Own!

There are 21 competence sets in Sorwe. You can benefit from ready-made competency sets or you can simply upload your own 360 degree performance evaluation questions and create a custom-made feedback form for your organization.
It’s Ready. Use It or Create Your Own!
Save Time With Just One Click!

Save Time With Just One Click!

Sorwe easily prepares the evaluation distribution of thousands of people for you with automatic mapping, depending on your company structure. You can divide the 360-degree evaluation by 90, 180 or 270 degrees and design the form based on your needs. You can also edit the number of individuals, direct reports, superiors, internal and external customers for the evaluator groups and create a dynamic and flexible form.

Don’t Get Lost In Details

Get results on an individual, team and company level. You can see the competency distribution with our Spider Web reports and compare based on the company average to develop individual career plans for higher employee retention.
Don’t Get Lost In Details
Why is 360 Degree Feedback Important?
Traditional feedback and performance evaluations are made periodically by getting an evaluation from a single manager. Unlike the traditional performance evaluation system, 360 degree feedback evaluation method is not only performed by the employee's manager. In this evaluation method, the feedback and opinions of colleagues, team members and customers are also included in addition to the employee's superior. In this way, factors that may negatively affect the results of one-person evaluations such as subjectivity, personal relationships, insufficient observation and information are eliminated.
The main reason why the 360 degree feedback evaluation method is called 360 degree is the variety of people who evaluate the employee. With a 360-degree feedback evaluation made by more than one person with whom the employee has a relationship, the process of evaluating employees can be carried out more clearly and objectively.
Focusing on Competencies with Inclusiveness and Objectivity
The 360 ​​degree feedback method, evaluates a person as a whole in the process. By determining not only the aspects that need to be developed but also the competent aspects of the employee, the inclusiveness and objectivity, which are the most important features of the 360 ​​degree performance evaluation, are provided at the same time. Thus, more useful and appropriate processes for the awareness and development of the employee's professional competence such as business knowledge and productivity can be sustained.
Many issues can be addressed with the 360 ​​degree feedback, which provides an open, objective and inclusive evaluation process. The main areas that are been evaluated include the professional and individual competencies as well as behavioral competencies of the employees. As a result of the 360-degree feedback, the processes for the development of competencies and behaviors such as training, support and rewards that employees need, can be determined more efficiently and effectively.
Create Long Lasting and High Performing Teams with 360-Degree Feedback
Benefit from ready to use competency sets for free, and step into the new generation of 360-degree feedback and performance evaluation process.