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We digitize all HR processes on a single platform. By developing a unique employee experience, we create happier, connected and participatory employees, and make accurate, fast and successful decisions with artificial intelligence and deep learning based measurement and analysis.
World's Companies Trust Us
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International & HQ HR Manager

Endless thanks to the Sorwe Business team, who accomplished all our dreams in a very short time in the digital transformation adventure of Evyap Human Resources and accompanied us with 7/24 technical support and guidance.


We use Sorwe for various researches, survey applications, and leadership performance management, and our employees can easily share their opinions. Research and performance system results can be followed up with instant reporting, and the views of our employees can be reported quickly. Sorwe technical team is ready for cooperation in all kinds of improvement and development works. As Koçtaş, we thank Sorwe for their support of our processes to be more efficient.

Digital Employee Experience Journey of Koçtaş
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