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Come Rain or Shine. We’re All Set!

Do you know your company's weather? With Happiness Barometer, we made the temperature check easy.
Prepare Your Actions Before the Storm Comes
By measuring the happiness of your employees as often as you wish, you can notice the sunny, rainy or stormy regions in your company and prepare your action plans. Sorwe Happiness Barometer is practical, fun and our most popular application in companies.
Barometer Graph
Can you Paint the Picture of Happiness?
Yes you can. Happiness is a relative concept that varies according to everyone. What about happiness in the workplace, where we spend most of our time? That subject is even more sensitive and variable.
But according to organizations behavior experts, happiness can be measured with 4 simple questions; how you feel about today and tomorrow, your luck and your life goals. We made it simple for you to track your team's happiness with an automated pulse survey!
And What About Employee Happiness?
Many research results show that there is a strong relationship between an employee's happiness and engagement in the workplace. And again, according to the research results, loyalty has no connection with good perks, money, or company car.
The common point of happy and connected employees is that they have the first managers, colleagues and workplace environment they see close to them. No investment is more efficient than the investment made in employee happiness and engagement!
Follow, Plan, Analyze and Take Action
With the "Happiness Barometer" in Sorwe, designed for this purpose, you can measure the happiness levels of your employees instantly, follow this regularly and plan your actions with the analyses you will receive in this regard.