Employee Experience in Argentina

Employee Experience in Argentina

The Global Employee Experience Report allows you to access workplace culture, employee engagement, employee happiness, and employee wellness in Argentina. These four main indexes compose the overall Employee Experience Score that sets the ground rules for the future of work.


Bases of Employee Engagement

Argentines value socializing. Family and social life come before work. Employees do not hesitate to share their social lives with each other and there is a high emphasis on employee wellbeing. Peer-to-peer engagement is very common, they get together outside of work to organize activities and enjoy being social in the business environment. Helping each other is high as company culture. There is almost no competition and internal pressure among employees that a positive atmosphere is dominant.


Internal Communication and Employee Feedback Structure

Internal communication is strong in Argentine companies. Employees are in constant communication and solidarity thanks to social environments. Free environments are created where ideas are shared. Due to the hierarchical structure, decisions are taken at top levels, but teams are informed about this which increases employee engagement.


Pillars of Workplace  Culture 

Give Importance To Punctuality 

Business meetings in Argentina are usually set 3 weeks in advance. And punctuality is expected in attending meetings. Punctuality is always appreciated, although there is a waiting time of 5-10 minutes. However, if you are meeting with seniors, do not expect the other party to be punctual always. 

Use Body Language in Communication

Argentines are generally friendly people. They use body language extensively during communication and have a tactile culture. Personal contact and lively movements are common. 

Try to Learn Spanish 

Although English is the language used in the meetings, knowing a few Spanish words to communicate would be appreciated. Your effort in this area will be welcomed with sincerity and will strengthen the communication between you. 


Learning & Development of Future Talents

Argentina has one of the developing percentages of 25-64-year-olds with the highest level of education having a master's degree or equivalent higher learning degrees. The proportion of 25-34 years-olds who have achieved a general degree at upper secondary or post-secondary level is one of the highest among OECD and partner countries with available data. Short-term learning attainment among 25-34-year-olds is one of the highest among OECD and partner countries with available data.

Performance & Productivity GDP per Hour Worked: 21.75 USD

Part-time Employment Rate: 39.%

Average Wages: 475,05 USD

Employee Turnover Rate: 14,3%

Minimum Wages: 258,001 USD

Population: 45.581.487 (2021)

Unemployment Rate: Total 10.44% - Male 9.19% - Female 10.7%


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