Employee Experience in France

Employee Experience in France

The Global Employee Experience Report allows you to access workplace culture, employee engagement, employee happiness and employee wellness in France. These four main indexes compose the overall Employee Experience Score that sets the ground rules for the future of work.


Bases of Employee Engagement

There is almost no one who does not exercise regularly at work. Some workplace cultures give lunch break up to 2 hours, allowing you to do sports comfortably during the lunch break. In some workplaces, food, coffee and tea are paid that employees engage naturally.


Internal Communication and Employee Feedback Structure

French workplace culture is quite formal. The appointment system is very important, it may not be welcomed to come unannounced. About two weeks notice is expected. Meetings to be held are usually pre-arranged with lots of advance notice for all parties. Usually, the more formal Monsieur or Madame titles are used at the first meeting, followed by full names in introductions. A handshake is commonplace among professionals, while the traditional French kiss on the cheek is reserved for longer-term colleagues, family or friends. Although in many international companies it is entirely possible to get along with only English, French is mostly spoken in the workplaces, it is sufficient for employees to know very little English. Even people who speak English prefer to speak French. Complaint culture is very important in France. Managers take this very seriously. If you do not have a complaint, this may draw attention.


Pillars of Workplace Culture 

Make an Appointment 

Generally, appointments should be made a couple of weeks in advance and confirmed the day before. Late morning or mid-afternoon are considered the best time to make an appointment. 

Holidays Come First

You might have plenty of vacation rights in France, however the annual leave period may vary from company to company. A coffee break and lunches are a very important opportunities to socialize in companies and builds the bases of employee engagement. 

Observe Some Punctuality

While the French may not be rigid timekeepers – with a much more laissez-faire attitude in the South – if you’re running more than 10 minutes late, calling ahead shows respect. The exception is if you’re invited to dine – turning up late for a meal is considered very ill-mannered. 

Choose Gifts Wisely

The important point of giving gifts to employees in French companies is that the company logo is not included in the gifts. These types of gifts are preferred. 

Dress to Impress

First impressions really do count. Dress is very important in French companies. There are very few occasions where jeans and trainers are considered acceptable. If in any doubt, dress formally.


Learning & Development of Future Talents

 In 2019, 48% of 25-34 year-olds had a highler learning degree in France.  The average age of new entrants in doctoral programmes is 28.2

Performance & Productivity GDP per Hour Worked: 103.4 (2020)

Part-time Employment Rate: 13,4%

Average Wages : 3800 EUR

Employee Turnover Rate: N/A

Minimum Wages: 1539 EUR

Population: 66.9 million

Unemployment Rate: Total 8,43 - Male 8,48% - Female 8,37%


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