Employee Experience in Qatar

Employee Experience in Qatar

The Global Employee Experience Report allows you to access workplace culture, employee engagement, employee happiness, and employee wellness in Qatar. These four main indexes compose the overall Employee Experience Score that sets the ground rules for the future of work.

Bases of Employee Engagement

The corporate welfare level in Qatar is higher than in other countries. The salaries and benefits of the employees are sufficient to ensure the quality of life. In order to measure the satisfaction of the employees, employee satisfaction surveys are organized periodically. At the same time, periodic meetings are held between senior management and employees to strengthen internal communication and keep talent management strong.

Qatar companies have employees from different nationalities so the diversity is high. That's why rules are flexible in work cultures and work environments. However, the regulations that affect the whole country are also valid within the company. For example, employees may take time off to pray during the day, changing working hours in government institutions during Ramadan.

Internal Communication and Employee Feedback Structure

Companies in Qatar are in a vertical hierarchical structure. This hierarchy is felt within the company. Important decisions are made by top management and are rarely questioned. Employees generally do not go beyond their duties and responsibilities. Ties are strong, especially in well-established companies.

Pillars of Workplace Culture

Dress code

Dress to impress in Qatar. Offices and meetings require formal dress; suits and ties for expatriate men, conservative dress or trouser suits for women, and national dress for Qataris. Some companies may have "dress up" days, which usually are Thursdays.

Business cards

It is normal to exchange business cards at the start of a meeting. It's never a bad idea to make something up in both English and Arabic.

Meeting Areas 

In Qatar, meetings can take place in the lobby of a stylish hotel or an expensive restaurant. Don't take this as strange and don't offer to pay the bill; let them be hospitable. At the same time, employees can express their opinions by interrupting each other during the meeting, do not perceive this as disrespect.

Learning & Development of Future Talents

Primary School Completion Rate: 91.98%

Secondary School Completion Rate: 88.39%

Literacy Rate: %96.11

Performance & Productivity GDP per Hour Worked:  N/A

Part-time Employment Rate: 0,14%

Average Wages: 4310 USD

Employee Turnover Rate:  3,64% 

Minimum Wages: 1090 USD

Unemployment Rate: Total 0,08% -  Male 0,07% - Female 0,42%

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