Employee Experience in Romania

Employee Experience in Romania

The Global Employee Experience Report allows you to access workplace culture, employee engagement, employee happiness, and employee wellbeing in Romania. These four main indexes compose the overall Employee Experience Score that sets the ground rules for the future of work.

Bases of Employee Engagement

There are 3 main issues on the agenda of Romanian human resources professionals; lifelong learning, developing leaders and improving employee experience and engagement. In this context, they turn to systems where employees can provide personal development and continuous learning during remote working processes.

With the transition to flexible working hours, Romanian employees think that they can achieve work-life balance. Engagement to companies that offer this opportunity is higher than companies that don't.

Internal Communication and Employee Feedback Structure

Business environments in Romania are formal and hierarchical. Top managers rarely interact with their employees. Decisions are usually made by top management, which may require approval from several levels. There is a high demand for performance management tools for this reason. 

Meetings are usually held for the purpose of discussion, exchange of ideas, and examining details. 

Internal communication between employees is strong in companies in Romania. Factors such as employees and managers from different generations and age differences do not adversely affect this communication. This gives an advantage to the formation of a feedback culture within the company.

Pillars of Workplace Culture

Attention to Criticism

It is useful to be sensitive when talking about Romanian culture and nation. If your comments are harsh and critical, your partnership may be damaged.

Accept Treats

Do not turn down the treats offered to you in a social business environment. They especially enjoy promoting their traditional cuisine. A short conversation about Romanian cuisine can break the ice in your business meetings.

Integrity Matters

For Romanians, honesty and trust are important in business processes. Remember that you need some time to build trust. Be honest when asked for your opinion on anything. Your honest behavior will create a positive impression for the other party.

Learning & Development of Future Talents

Early leavers from education and training (age 18-24): 15.3%

Tertiary educational attainment (age 30-34): 25.8% 

Early childhood education: 86.3%

Performance & Productivity GDP per Hour Worked: 120.6

Part-time Employment Rate: 12,9%

Average Wages: 675 USD

Employee Turnover Rate: 17,2%

Minimum Wages: 466 USD

Unemployment Rate: Total 5,5% -  Male 5,7% - Female 5,2%

Population: 19,4m

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