Employee Experience in UK

Employee Experience in UK

The Global Employee Experience Report allows you to access workplace culture, employee engagement, employee happiness and employee wellness in UK. These four main indexes compose the overall Employee Experience Score that sets the ground rules for the future of work.


Bases of Employee Engagement

UK’s workplace culture is generally more relaxed and social. It is common to build social relations among coworkers. They hang out with each other outside of work and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays.  Friday drinks are a very common ritual as part of employee engagement. They still pay attention to authority as much as they value a strong tradition of equality. Stress relief is very important to the British people so they care about employee wellbeing. They want to relieve stress after getting out of a busy work schedule. Employees in the UK prefer to eat at their desks to get more work done. For people from more "flat" corporate cultures like the Netherlands or Australia, the subtle differences in role and status can be confusing. While there is a change towards adopting a flatter hierarchy,  the Brits care about seniority. There is a hierarchical order and they take care to establish good communication between the subordinates and the top. Top managers try to reach a consensus instead of giving orders to their employees. In that sense, a continuous employee feedback environment is vital and well taken care of. 


Internal Communication and Employee Feedback Structure

In the UK, which has a hierarchical order, it is customary for employees to receive clear instructions and approval from their superiors. Generally, Brits receive more instruction from their superiors and are a little more concerned with meeting expectations at work. If a suggestion comes from someone else about the work you do in the business environment, this should not be perceived as rude. They usually give you some information about how you can improve the work done, not because you are offended or not good enough. In internal communication, a large number of written communications must be expected to both confirm and keep a record of discussions and decisions.


Pillars of Workplace Culture

Delicate Art of Gift-Giving

In the work culture in the UK, products that do not have a very high daily price value are generally preferred. Sending an expensive gift is not welcome. These gifts should only be small, symbolic items such as pens, diaries or a drink. 

Spelling is Important 

Even for native English speakers, English spelling can be difficult. However, errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar can make you appear unprofessional. It's always a good idea to use a spellchecker. Just make sure it's set to British English rather than the US equivalent, which many word processing programs use by default.

Communication Styles

The indirect style of suggestive communication is very common in the UK’s workplace culture. For example, “Would you mind looking into that if you have the time?” is really saying, "Will you please do the task as soon as you can?". Some cultures that communicate in a more direct manner may miss the underlying message. A direct approach, on the other hand, maybe perceived as rude or aggressive.


Learning & Development of Future Talents

In 2019, 52% of 25-34 year-olds had a higher learning degree in the United Kingdom. The percentage of today's young talents are expected to graduate from a doctoral or equivalent programme before the age of 35 ranks is 2.3%. Nearly 44% of young people expected to obtain a bachelor's or an equivalent degree before the age of 30.

Performance & Productivity GDP per Hour Worked: 100.6 (2019)

Part-time Employment Rate: 23.1%

Average Wages: 2600 Pound

Employee Turnover Rate: 15%

Minimum Wages: 1326 Pound

Population: Population: 67.8 M

Unemployment Rate: Total 3,83%- Male 4,01%- Female 3,63%

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