Listen First. Develop Your Future Together

We’re getting rid of old suggestion boxes and switching to mobile! With end-to-end digital, mobile-accessible and clever new generation mobile suggestion system, welcome ideas of your employees and show that you care while making your work workload disappear.
Listen First. Develop Your Future Together
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Recover Time Lost by Manual

Using ready-made Suggestion title drafts or specifying your own suggestion titles is the simplest approach to set up your suggestion system. Manually collected and assessed Suggestions can help you make up for the lost time. Your staff can go over the categories from any location and offer quick ideas.
Recover Time Lost by Manual
Privacy is Our Promise!

Privacy is Our Promise!

You can give your people a sense of freedom by creating an environment where they can anonymously discuss their ideas. In a corporate setting, we understand how tough it is to provide a negative Suggestion. With anonymous comments, we address this issue fully, allowing your team to freely submit suggestions on any subject.
Show That You Value Any Voice, Boost Motivation!
Show That You Value Any Voice, Boost Motivation!
Privacy is Our Promise!
“We use Sorwe for various researches, survey applications, leadership performance management, and our employees can easily share their opinions.”
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Too Many Suggestions?
Analysis Ready

Following and analysing the numerous and continually arriving suggestions are challenging. Sorwe makes it easy for you by classifying the Suggestions in the text, as well as assess the mood in which they are written with text interpretation and emotional tendency (sentiment) analysis. At a glance, we show you where you need to focus and take action!
Side by Side, 24/7

Side by Side, 24/7

Suggestions are not something that will be on the to-do list during working hours. That’s why we are side by side with your team at all times, regardless of whether they are at work or elsewhere. Whenever a suggestion comes to their mind, Sorwe will be there to share your team’s voice. By doing so we increase the number of suggestions collected and allow freedom of speech.
How to Use the Suggestion System?
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What Will a Fully Digital New Generation Suggestion System
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