What is 360 Degree Feedback?

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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What is 360 Degree Feedback?

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

The 360-degree feedback system is a feedback method that improves a person’s awareness of competence, behavior, and perception styles by receiving feedback from sources at different levels. The purpose here is not to evaluate performance, but to ensure that the person receives feedback for his / her improvement and realizes his / her strengths and aspects that are open to improvement. It is very important that the resources to evaluate the person have sufficient experience with the person they will evaluate and that they are sufficient to give impartial feedback.

Why 360 Degree Feedback Matters

Human Resources professionals in the companies where they work are at least as responsible for the change and development of the people. Change and development start with awareness. For this purpose, the best awareness tool that can help HR professionals is a 360-degree feedback application.

The aim of the 360-degree feedback system is to enable managers and employees to receive feedback from different sources on the basis of basic, managerial, and technical competencies.

Thanks to the feedback they receive, people will gain awareness of the aspects they need to improve and even learn their strengths. Real and measurable behavioral changes can only be achieved in this way.

How Does the 360 ​​Degree Feedback Survey Shape the Future of Your Company?

The final performance of companies is measured by the value they produce, more precisely by the profit they make. At the end of the day, all companies want to gain more profit by getting ahead of their competitors in a competitive environment with more valuable and efficient products and services. In fact, the most important trigger of this success criterion is none other than the company’s human resources. It has been proven by many scientific studies that the company has taken a much faster and more efficient way both in creating the necessary resources and achieving results, with staff equipped with more appropriate competencies.

However, how these leadership cadres will be formed and how they will be transferred to the future with a sustainable structure is the main issue that is discussed and new approaches have been developed. The first stage in talent management processes starts with an accurate 360 ​​evaluation survey. If we set out with the logic that we cannot manage anything that we cannot measure, we must first define our employees’ strong and developable competencies and prepare development plans accordingly. In the meantime, how the people we will invest in will meet this investment will give us the first signals in awareness measurements. We know that people with high awareness welcome development better, protect their positions better, and create clearer and result-oriented life strategies.

After defining the competencies of our employees, which we can call their potentials, we are now in a position to make our decisions on how to use these competencies and how we can develop them. It will now be possible to monitor the changes in competencies and to redirect them with 360-degree feedback surveys, which will be repeated in the future.

How has technology changed 360-degree feedback practices?

The development of technological tools makes many applications come closer to human nature. As Sorwe, 360-degree feedback was an important part of our processes in the journey of creating an end-to-end employee experience. However, in the existing 360-degree feedback surveys, whether traditional methods were applied with paper and pen or in the form of an online survey, the process of determining competencies, who would be evaluated by whom, and as a result, the generation of reports constituted a long and laborious and expensive process.

By working with experts who have significant experience in their field for months, we have turned it into an application where each institution can design their own 360-degree evaluation questionnaires within minutes, implement them without the need for any additional resources and receive a detailed report. On the other hand, it was necessary to improve the experience of the employees who would answer the questions. We also needed to make giving feedback fun and supportive work rather than a burden.

In Sorwe, we have come a long way with the screen designs directed to mobile devices and developed to keep the attention at the maximum level in the same question. In addition, analyzing the survey routing and reminder messages afterward, and ensuring that they are sent at the most appropriate time for him, made a significant difference in the rate of participation.

Now, the 360-degree feedback survey application has turned into a much faster, easier, economical but above all user friendly and smart experience. With the help of technology, we are raising better and more accurate leaders for our institutions.


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