What is Employee Engagement and Why Does It Matter?

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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What is Employee Engagement and Why Does It Matter?

The Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey is an important tool that measures how committed employees are to the organization and how satisfied they are with the organization’s practices. However, there is also an important difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Not every satisfied employee may be affiliated with the organization, or not every engaged employee means satisfied.

Employee satisfaction indicates the level of satisfaction of employees with the opportunities provided to them within the company, while employee engagement expresses the emotional bond of employees to their managers and colleagues. For example, the high quality of the service, food, and office materials provided by our institution will increase your satisfaction, while having a respectful and trusty environment in the workplace will increase engagement.


Why is Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Important?

In recent years, the value that organizations attach to employee satisfaction and engagement has increased considerably. The most important reason for this is that nobody wants to lose a qualified workforce anymore. The results of many studies on this subject show that the relationship between the manager and the working team, employee engagement, and customer loyalty complement each other. Therefore, employee engagement has become one of the issues that organizations care about.

According to the Employee Satisfaction and Engagement researches, the average of people who are affiliated with the institution is 25-30%. In order to increase this rate, it is necessary to keep the pulse of the employees with instant measurements. Until now, most of the organizations decided on human resources and employer branding strategies with the measurements they made once a year in certain periods. However, recently it has been observed that these measurements do not reflect the real atmosphere in the company. Annual surveys and measurement reports take weeks and lose their meaning as the living conditions and expectations of the employees change much faster.

How Has Technology Changed Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys?

Generation Z now invalidates long employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, which consist of tens or even hundreds of questions as the attention and concentration times have fallen dramatically. Studies show traditional surveys have extremely low confidence intervals do not give us a valid result anymore.

The development of technology and the increase in knowledge especially in the field of artificial intelligence-enabled new tools to come into the force in the employee engagement and satisfaction survey evaluation. With Sorwe, the ability to make instant measurements not only with questions but also with the data obtained from the employee’s behavioral data and open-ended text analysis has created a big change in the applications of employee satisfaction and engagement surveys.

AI-based employee satisfaction and engagement survey of Sorwe covers 18 dimensions of a business and explores areas that can be improved in the organization. Sorwe can conduct an employee satisfaction and engagement survey with 42 questions and hit higher confidence intervals whereas most of the surveys normally consist of 160 questions with a 95% confidence. Sorwe can deliver survey reports in many different sub-categories such as employee type, job, position, department, location, gender, and generation.
One of the biggest problems encountered by companies conducting employee satisfaction and engagement surveys is the long reporting and analysis periods after the surveys are completed. With the real-time analysis technology developed by Sorwe, your employees can answer your employee satisfaction and engagement survey on their mobile devices regardless of time and place.

Meanwhile, you can monitor instant changes from the Sorwe Connect Admin Panel and see the progression and the completion rates. By ending the survey whenever you want, you can instantly get detailed reports analyzed in sub-breakdowns with dynamic reporting screens.

Recently, remote working has taken an important place in our lives. Maybe we will continue our business life with this way of working in the following years. Employee satisfaction survey practices, which have seen digitizing and attained more intelligent and faster analysis infrastructures. In fact, new practices are more human-centric; they provide a good employee experience, higher confidence level results, and feedback for the development of the institutions thus shaping the future of HR significantly.

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