What is Employee Employee Experience? (EX)

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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What is Employee Employee Experience? (EX)

Every year has the potential to be the most prime year for employee experience. That Is why the focus of HR should shift towards an employee-centric approach because what Is on the inside, within a business, Is reflected in the outside success with consumers.

So What Is The Employee Experience?

The employee experience Is equivalent to the consumer experience. It Is where each phase of employment strengthens the relationship between employee and employer which the company can build its foundations on. This relationship Is fabricated by HR empathizing with the milestones of individuals and ‘seeing the world through the eyes of [they're] employees, according to Susan Peters.

The companies that have optimized their HR efforts are those that adopt personalization In the employment journey and embed transformational values In both the physical and emotional sphere of work-life.

You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.” -Zig Ziglar

Why Should You Be Revamping Your Employee Experience?

Companies that have invested in enhancing the employee experience have reaped the awards.

A better employee experience stimulates higher engagement and motivation rates, reduces complications, raises collaboration, and generally embeds a unified & driven workforce. That Is what all HR leaders want for their company. With a better employee experience comes a better consumer experience.


So What Should You Do To Enhance Employee Experience?

  • Take Initiative.

Evidenced by companies like Google that have perfected their work environment, have embraced a holistic approach. This Is where HR has unfolded the layers that make up the employee experience and have appreciated the influence of each element. The main elements that you should explore are technology, physical, culture, and health.

  • Technology is significant for workforce growth.

The Integration of technological advancements and operative systems can indicate the company’s efforts to establish a manageable atmosphere for employees. This means enforcing the application of user-friendly software and tools to make life easier and imply the attention and high regard that HR gives to employee experience.

  • Physical workspace can be made efficient.

The significance of adopting the physical space of the company will catalyze optimum performance from employees. HR needs to consider the ‘Image’ that the company will represent through the physical arrangement. Is It an open space office with an emphasis on collaboration or a streamlined functioning space so that performance is smooth and consistent? Additionally, the physical structure should be interconnected to complement the many activities that employees conduct day by day e.g meetings, breaks, Independent work, etc.

  • Culture can bring value.

 ‘In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people.’- Julie Bevacqua

This means that empathizing with the extrinsic belief systems, backgrounds, and lifestyles of individual employees can enable an Insightful company culture that appreciates their employees. Organizations that Implement these values through activities, groups, and communication can enhance unity within a diversified workforce, attracting new ideal employees that will benefit the workforce and not Induce conflict.

  • Let employees know that you care.

Health and wellbeing is a prominent factor that organizations Impose to enhance their employee experience. This portrays HR acknowledging that It Is more than just a job. The availability of physical and mental health services can Improve employee trust and loyalty towards the employer and empower personal effort towards employee performance.

In conclusion, employee experience is important.

In the spectrum of business functions, employee experience should be enforced as a priority for HR professionals as It Is a primary element  that the success of a business is rooted in.

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