How Do You Get Employees To Use The Suggestion Box?

06 July 2022 | 5 Minute
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How Do You Get Employees To Use The Suggestion Box?

It's no secret that many employees desire to be active in workplace procedures, especially when it comes to offering important suggestions to management. However, how can you handle the flood of suggestions as a business owner in the most efficient and professional way? Every coin has two sides, and this is true of such a situation as well. This guide will discuss how to set up a suggestion box at the office and whether or not it is a smart idea in your particular situation.


Why Is It Important To Use The Suggestion Box?

A suggestion box is useful whether you want to boost employee engagement or your business, especially if your people have the choice to stay anonymous. Employees can provide feedback on processes, benefits, working environment, managers, and other topics.

Some of the benefits that your employees will receive from having suggestion boxes are as follows: 

  • Increases morale among employees by ensuring that their issues are heard and addressed. 
  • Employees who prefer to keep their opinions to themselves can reap the rewards of this benefit. Not all people feel at ease providing criticism in public. Employees who are more reserved but still want to voice their opinions or concerns might do so through the use of a suggestion box. 
  • Increases employee engagement since it enables workers to engage in activities to a greater extent. 
  • Enhances communication, particularly between employees and management.
  • Employees who would otherwise be too bashful to submit unique ideas are given the opportunity to do so. 
  • Create an environment at work that encourages unconventional thinking. 
  • Management may gain a new perspective on previously unconsidered issues, providing an opportunity to develop new and innovative products and workplace practises.


How Do You Get Employees To Use The Suggestion Box?

1. Announce your new suggestion box 

A suggestion box is only useful if people use it. As a result, the box must be visible and clearly indicated to individuals who you wish to provide input. So make sure your employees know about the new suggestion box. If you think it's appropriate, include the following: 

  • Reasons for valuing feedback from employees.
  • How often will ideas be assessed? 
  • Monetary rewards for the best ideas.

Guidelines should be included as well. Employees may be wary of voicing their concerns, but if the input you receive is not helpful, it serves no purpose. Employees should be asked to stay away from it and instead provide improvements suggestions.

2. Make suggestions visible to all employees

You don't want to turn your suggestion box into a black hole. Thank your colleagues for contributing ideas, and make it clear how you're considering them. Use a public response function so that your replies and suggestions can be viewed by all users. For one-on-one talks with responses, try using a direct reply function. In any case, it's critical that others know you're paying attention and acting on what you're learning. Send out the feedback from the suggestion boxes to your entire workforce! Employees can see how their coworkers are feeling and it demonstrates that you're taking the time to find a solution.

3. Enable engagement

Your suggestion box should be fun and encouraging. You may transform it into a game or a competition as a way to make it more enjoyable and boost corporate spirit at the same time. When your employees make suggestions that benefit the company, you can award them. Give the entire team a prize if the idea was anonymous. Allow your employees to share their ideas and requests on their mobile devices at any time and from any location. They can quickly discuss, comment on, and like each other's ideas with the use of a mobile tool.

4. Make it easy to use with mobile-friendly tools

Say goodbye to the traditional suggestion box. It should be mobile. It’s 2022! While the physical form is becoming obsolete, the online, anonymous workplace suggestion box is becoming increasingly significant in today's organisations for fostering corporate innovation and increasing employee engagement. The primary reason for having a suggestion box is rather straightforward. Business executives want feedback from their employees. They're asking for suggestions on how to improve work processes, business culture, and other methods to make the workplace more productive. The conventional suggestion box, while well-intentioned, does not allow this to happen. An online suggestion box, on the other hand, provides opportunity to create an experience that fosters trust while also allowing for privacy. You can make a modern workplace suggestion box by using a mobile friendly tool, letting people send emails without giving their names, doing pulse surveys, and having an online form.

5. Always get and give feedback

When you receive a submission, you should make it a priority to review it within a certain length of time after receiving it. Make sure that all recommendations are given feedback so that employees may appreciate the factors that led to the acceptance or denial of their suggestions. Because it can be disheartening for your employees to have an idea rejected, you should always praise them on submitting it and encourage them to continue putting in more suggestions.

No one knows more about the ins and outs of a business than those who are directly associated with it. Employees, consumers, and partners can all use suggestion boxes to voice their ideas and identify areas for improvement. All of the additional information will help a corporation that recognises these needs and takes active steps to generate change. One suggestion could lead to the next big thing!

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