How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Company Culture?

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Company Culture?

Inclusive companies that respect diversity and differences in the working environment produce innovative results. A successful diversity and inclusion plan will help you assist your talents and produce innovative results in your company. Despite this, nowadays many companies cannot attract different talents and are deprived of the high-performance culture that diversity will bring, due to established processes and the inability to make quick decisions for change.

Recently, executives have begun to understand that a diverse work environment (in terms of age, color, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) brings a variety of opinions and perspectives to the table. In this way, the gathering of creative ideas under one roof began to reveal brand new products and services; the increase in employee engagement began to highlight the added value of internal communication.


Here are some suggestions to improve your organization by creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.


  • Begin at the very top. 


How diverse is your executive team? Creating and supporting a sense of belonging at your workplace starts at the top, just like any other aspect of business culture. A company's senior management tells a lot about its culture: the leadership team, like your entire company, must be made up of people of various nationalities, ages, and genders to create a culture that respects diversity. For example, “Is the number of males and women equal in management?” “Are there people from different religions and cultural backgrounds?” You can start by answering these questions.


Having a diverse senior management team is as important to employee engagement as it is for your employees to perceive company policies as inclusive. For this, you can take steps to initiate change in your people management:



  • Craft strategies to attract different candidates and keep your talents connected.


It's simple to adopt an inclusive attitude throughout your organization once your company's leadership sets the tone.  It is important to examine your company's recruitment and talent management strategies, considering diversity and inclusion, and to revise these strategies periodically.

To enhance your company's future, cultivate your employees, and invest in the community as a whole, make inclusive recruitment an intrinsic part of your company's DNA. For this, you can ensure the diversity of your human resources by determining different quotas in order to reflect the diversity of the relevant positions in recruitment and appointments.


  • Create a company culture where everyone feels valued.


Employees should be able to freely express themselves depending on their distinct viewpoints. They need to feel valued and included in the workplace. Connecting with your colleagues on a personal level is one of the finest ways to convey to them that it's OK to be yourself. Getting help from an internal communication platform that supports diversity can be a great way to do this. You can reach each employee on their favorite channel by combining all of your communication channels into one platform.


In order to create an inclusive company culture in the internal communication channel;

  • Do not forget to celebrate the special days of your employees with different cultures and religions. By making the entire company aware of these celebrations, you can support positive interaction among employees.
  • By celebrating birthdays and business anniversaries, you can offer your employees a personalised employee experience journey and strengthen your employee engagement.
  • You can use your internal communication tools to effectively announce your projects that promote diversity projects. In this way, you can ensure that everyone is aware of the ongoing initiatives and invite everyone who is interested to support it.

  • Allow employees to submit feedback in a variety of methods.

It is important to provide a place for employees to connect with others and share their stories. You can offer several methods to receive feedback, perspectives, and their voice, whether through an employee survey, business all-hands meetings, or campaigns, which can promote an open dialogue that can lead to more favorable outcomes. You will gain insights from unified analytics to understand how best to meet their needs and help your employees thrive. Most importantly, you will provide a personalised employee experience that is inclusive and allows all voices to be heard.


  • Have a look at Sorwe for solutions that will help you and your business!

We are always ready to help with inclusive digital people management. At Sorwe, we design these processes in a gamified way in the mobile application and ensure that employees participate in every process in the companies with high willingness.

It is possible to create a participatory culture within the company fun to use feedback, appreciation, and suggestion tools.


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