How to Increase Participation in Internal Surveys? 5 Fun Ways

06 September 2021 | 4 Minute
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How to Increase Participation in Internal Surveys? 5 Fun Ways

In-house surveys identify the elements that influence employee motivation, performance, and engagement, allowing for the required modifications and arrangements to be made. As a result, it plays a significant part in shaping company's future roadmaps. It is critical that employees participate in surveys and exhibit the appropriate interest in order to establish the reforms and rules in question, as well as to provide rewards.

Employee engagement in surveys is beneficial in establishing the strategies that organizations will implement to improve employee motivation, performance, or engagement. Companies use a variety of methods to encourage their staff to engage in and pay attention to the aforementioned surveys in order to carry out more effective procedures. One of them is to make the survey-taking procedure more enjoyable. By making the survey process more efficient and effective for your employees, you may achieve more efficient and effective results.


Importance of Internal Surveys

With the benefits of in-company surveys, which are conducted with the right approach and structure, it helps to strengthen both the employee experience and the company culture. The following are some of the benefits of in-house surveys for both the company and its employees: > You can identify the factors that positively or negatively affect your employees' performance, motivation, and commitment to the company, implement solutions for these factors, and improve your employee experience.


  • You can assess the efficacy of activities or applications carried out in the workplace and propose ideas to boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 


  • Staff weaknesses and strengths can be assessed through performance-based evaluations, and training and development activities for employee competencies and competencies in line with the company's future goals can be created.


  • Because it enhances employee engagement, it prevents unwelcome resignations and lowers the rate of personnel turnover. As a result, you will save time and effort in filling the vacancy.


  • You contribute to the adoption and development of an internal feedback culture. Relationship and communication between employees and units are strengthened, business processes among employees can be maintained more effectively.


  • You can access data on your company's weaknesses and strengths, and identify and implement solutions that you can implement for both the company and the employee in order to strengthen your company culture.


5 Fun Ways to Increase Participation in Internal Surveys

By increasing employee involvement in surveys, businesses can collect more useful data. This allows for the identification and implementation of appropriate solutions for processes and aspects that require change. There are a few fun and successful strategies that organizations may use right now to enhance their survey participation percentage. Some of them can be summed up like this:

  • Reward

The rate of participation in surveys can be raised by implementing a reward system that can be used throughout the firm. A competitive environment can be created by implementing a system that rewards employees or units with the greatest levels of involvement. You may also make surveys more engaging for your staff by using the reward system. At this point, you must decide on a reward system that is appropriate for your firm and working style.


  • Gamification

Gamification, which translates to "gamification" in Turkish, is a novel way of transforming business processes. Many processes, like recruiting, talent management, and employee engagement, can be evaluated using the gamification method, which is simple to implement. The interest of employees in this process is raised thanks to surveys made using the gamification method, which are used instead of surveys done using standard methods. As a result, you'll be able to collect more information on the factors you're evaluating.


  • Points Earning Method

You can motivate your staff to complete surveys by implementing a system in which they can earn points for completing surveys and then use those points. You may help your staff feel satisfied and motivated by combining this strategy with paying them. You also build the groundwork for a new generation of appreciation culture in your organization. You can attain more effective results in various procedures for employees using this strategy.


  • Transparent Communication and Results Sharing

In terms of the dependability of the data acquired throughout the survey procedure, the employees' anonymity is critical. The questionnaires should be produced and used in such a way that the required confidentiality is maintained. Employees will be able to convey their thoughts and opinions more clearly as a result. The data gathered and analyzed, on the other hand, should not be kept secret from the personnel and should be shared with them. Employees are thus given the message that their opinions are valued by their supervisors. Employees who are able to properly voice their thoughts while also knowing that their opinions are respected are more likely to participate in surveys.


The employees' understanding of the surveys to be conducted is one of the most critical elements impacting the rate of participation in the surveys. In firms with a constant flow of information, challenges may arise during the steps of conveying necessary survey information to employees or allowing employees to access this information. Companies can use internal communication solutions that are integrated with digital technologies at this stage to ensure that employees have access to the relevant information about the survey process via announcements, personal or group-specific massage techniques.


You can make surveys more fun and enhance participation rates by using the approaches listed above. You can utilize Sorwe products to make your survey operations more successful and efficient. For additional information on Sorwe solutions and services, please contact us.

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