Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
360 Degree Performance Evaluation, Story and Announcement Sharing, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Internal Communication, Mobile İntranet
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With our solution partner Sorwe, we have achieved a very efficient and user-friendly digitalization with our colleagues in our organization with the employee experience. In this way, they can share and receıve instant feedback, make suggestions, interact even if they work in different locations and appreciate each other's behaviours.
We have created communication channels where they can hear news at the same time. We have implemented the fast-track onboarding by facilitating the orientation process of newcomers in our remote working model, and we can find the opportunity to learn from them about their first day, 1st week, and 2nd-month working experiences with surveys.

We have revealed our power to act together with the vision, values, principles, goals, and announcements in our company practices. We increased our employee experience score through automated Cockpit measurements, the result of the employee satisfaction survey we conduct once a year, and the actions we took to evaluate the suggestions we received from our colleagues.

Esas Digital Employee Experience Journey

Esas aims to create a shared company culture by adopting the values ​​of all employees. In this process, the need to carry out these actions in a digital environment, such as listening to the needs of teammates, measuring employee satisfaction, increasing their engagement, and analyzing results, which are time-consuming to do manually in many human resources processes, led the cooperation with Sorwe. Sorwe offers a new generation employee experience with digital HR solutions that met the needs of Esas.

In this adventure, Esas has built strong internal communication with the 360-degree performance evaluation, story and announcement sharing, and employee satisfaction survey delivered to the employees via the Sorwe mobile application, and has provided ease of collecting the results from the employees in a single point. Esas which actively uses the Mobile Intranet feature of the Sorwe mobile application to reach every employee in the field delivers the Human Resources Regulation playbook and Bulletin to its teams from here. Esas which measures many working environment indexes with pulse surveys, monitors the company atmosphere closely by seeing the results through Sorwe Cockpit.

In the process of cooperation with Sorwe, it maintains strong corporate internal communication with its employees. Esas Gayrimenkul, which collects the ideas of its employees in the suggestion system through the Sorwe application, opens categories according to the subjects in the application, facilitating the feedback from the employees, as well as capturing high interaction. With its works that make its employees feel how important all shared ideas are for strong company culture, Esas Gayrimenkul is increasing its employee engagement day by day. With the company atmosphere, which is measured by instant employee surveys at certain periods, Esas Gayrimenkul has succeeded in raising its employee experience score with the value it attaches to each individual.

As a result of all these, we congratulate Esas Gayrimenkul as the Sorwe team, which has embraced the company's mission, vision, and values, and built a strong company culture and great teamwork.

About Esas

As one of Turkey's leading real estate investment companies, Esas Gayrimenkul develops and manages projects that create long-term value with its expert team. Established in 2009, Esas Gayrimenkul has implemented environmentally friendly office, residence, shopping centre, and hotel projects in a leasable area of ​​945 thousand square meters with a total investment of 3 billion Euros in Turkey and abroad.

Establishing a company culture that always adopts open communication, is reliable, agile, nourishes and inspires from each other, and makes social awareness a lifestyle, Esas Gayrimenkul has met on many common denominators with Sorwe solutions, a new generation employee experience platform.

If we need to take a closer look at the digital solutions used by Esas Gayrimenkul;

360 Degree Competency Evaluation

With its 360-degree feedback and competency performance evaluation solution, Sorwe helps you get to know your organization thanks to its artificial intelligence-based technology. With 21 different ready-made competency sets, you can make the measurements you want and save time with fully automatic process management.

360 Degree Performance Evaluation step by step;

  • Ready-made Competence Sets: Take advantage of 21 ready-made competency sets or create a 360-degree assessment system specific to your institution by uploading your own questions.
  • Automatic Mapping: Automatically create evaluator maps of thousands of people thanks to Sorwe AI-based technology and automatic matching depending on your company structure. Get the opportunity to divide the 360-degree evaluation into 90, 180, 270 degrees by determining the number of self, subordinate, superior, peer, internal and external customers in the evaluation groups. Thus, you can create a dynamic and flexible form that suits your needs, and save time by getting rid of processes that take weeks.
  • Detailed Reports: After the evaluation process is completed, get the results on the basis of individual, team, institution. Examine the competency distribution with the Spider Web report, and increase employee engagement with individual career development plans by making comparisons based on the institution average.


Employee Satisfaction Survey

With ready-made drafts, you can prepare an employee satisfaction survey within minutes and measure the satisfaction of your employees at any time. With the dynamic reporting panel, you can follow the detailed survey results with the sub-breakdowns you want.

Step-by-step Employee Satisfaction Survey;

  • Ready Question Set: There are 18 dimensions of employee satisfaction survey questions prepared by Sorwe experts. Create surveys of varying lengths using survey samples and enrich the survey by adding questions specific to your institution.
  • Mobile and Automatic: You can maximize participation with a 100% digital employee satisfaction survey that employees can participate in from their mobile devices or computers. With the smart reminder feature, you can support the increase in the participation rate by reminding your employees via e-mail and mobile notification. At the same time, you can save surveys to be sent on certain dates and create an automatic system.
  • Real-Time Reports: Reduce weeks-long Employee Satisfaction Survey reporting and analysis times to minutes. With Sorwe, you can follow the results of the employee satisfaction and engagement survey instantly and you can reach detailed results for all questions in many sub-breakdowns such as department, region, age generation, seniority year, and gender.

Sorwe Cockpit
Sorwe Cockpit allows you to see all the survey results from the employees categorized from a single point. It eliminates the workload of the design and analysis process in employee surveys and saves time. Find out the satisfaction of your employees with 10 different pulse surveys that are sent automatically at certain intervals and affect my employee engagement. Follow the level of the company, be aware of sudden changes with the alert feature and create action plans in this direction. Collect unlimited feedback regardless of the number of employees.

You can analyze the results from a single platform by sending 10 pulse surveys specially prepared to measure employee engagement and satisfaction with organizational psychologists and human resources experts at certain intervals.

10 different pulse survey categories:

  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Emotional State
  • Development
  • Working Environment
  • Healthy Life
  • Feedback
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Environment of Trust
  • Team Event
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