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Organizational data collected through employee experience practices turn into results that you can take direct action with Sorwe Analytical infrastructure.
See trends, discover problems and opportunities by getting to know your human resources better with artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning infrastructure. Instantly discover the effects of employee emotions and behaviors on business outcomes.
Yapay Zeka

Nine Box Matrix

Easily create your company's Human Resources inventory by analyzing the performance and potential of your employees.
A great tool that you can use in talent management, succession and training plan to optimize your organization's human resource strategy.

Intelligent Succession Plan

Discover the future leaders in your organization, analyze your risks and easily prepare automatic succession plans for your critical employees.
With its artificial intelligence and machine learning infrastructure, Sorwe monitors each employee's career journey, identifies risks and quickly prepares automatic succession plans for you.

Tendency to Leave Analysis

We know that the tendency to leave and realization rates produce a range of costly results, from workforce planning, the formation of corporate culture, employer branding, and even company performance.
We give great importance to discovering cause and effect relationships while guiding our strategy and action plans. Tendency analysis will provide you with insight and analysis in many different fractions and segmentations to help you manage your company's resources more efficiently.
Retention Analysis
Task Compliance Analysis

Position Compliance Analysis

A strategic analysis that you can benefit from your recruitment strategy, talent management and backup plans.
It will enable you to realize the risks and opportunities of your organization by analyzing the data of your current employees with the ideal competency, personality and behavior sets required by the tasks and positions in your company. Creates the competency map of your organization.

Text Analysis

Don't get lost in the thousands of texts collected from suggestions and text-based survey answers.
Sorwe Text Analysis shows the sentiment results of raw texts and classifies the texts according to the entity named entity extraction algorithms. It analyzes huge number of the texts for you and shows the results you want to reach at a glance.
Text Analytics
Segmentation Analysis

Segmentation Analysis

It shows the distribution of employees in significant groups by placing 2 different Sorwe Cockpit indexes on the x and y coordinate planes.
With Sorwe Analytics data technology, you will get to know your organization better by providing critical information such as in which departments, units or locations the employees engaged to the company and willing to do their jobs bette and the characteristics and behaviours of the employees who show high performance in company.

Organizational Network Analysis

Provides an x-ray of the communication and collaboration patterns between individuals, departments or groups for companies. Improves team collaboration with real-time people analytics data, visualizes the flow of resources within the organization, allowing you to recognize potential bottlenecks and design a more sustainable organization.
It will allow you to see a holistic photo of your organization.
Personal network analysis allows you to manage your resources much better by analyzing your relationship network, revealing who is more critical to you, and which relationships create workload, stress and pressure. A unique help that leaders can benefit from in time management, resources and communications.
Organizational Network Analysis
Values Analysis

Values Analysis

The most important compass is the values ​​of the company in creating a high performance and sustainable corporate culture.
As many studies have shown, high and sustainable financial performance is ensured in the harmony between corporate values ​​and employee values. Values ​​analysis explores the values ​​that affect the behavior of each of your employees and analyzes how well they are compatible with corporate values.
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