We have designed fun and easy to use tools for effective two-way communication, collaboration and ideation powered by state of the art analytics to provide you with the insights that you need to align and engage your team.
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Personalised Communication
Personalised Communication
Deliver news, updates, messages, celebratory congratulations to targeted groups in an instant with personalised story bars to align and engage your employees.
Listen to Your Employees
Listen to Your Employees
Analyse your employees’ thoughts and feelings and harness their suggestions with instant surveys, temperature checks and our advanced suggested system.
Mobiletranet Experience
Mobiletranet Experience
Gather all company and third-part digital solutions, applications and resources into a single sign on mobile solution for an engaging and seamless employee experience.

Announcements & Stories

Share announcements, good news stories, celebrations and congratulations quickly and easily to your team’s mobile devices.

Cascade information to the whole Company at the same time, or to targeted employee groups and individuals.

Choose between fun and engaging emojis and visuals or text.

Communicate, collaborate, innovate and create a sense of community for all employees no matter where they are based.

Suggestion System

Invite your employees to share their ideas and suggestions to increase creativity and innovation and drive engagement and high performance.

The two-way suggestion wall allows you to pose questions; for your employees to respond to these and to make suggestions of their own.

Review and approve ideas and suggestions with ease to drive agility of decision making.

My Company - Mobile Intranet

It’s not an Intranet, it’s a ‘Mobile’tranet
Incorporate all of your Company’s systems, applications, processes, tools and resources into one single mobile platform with single sign on for a superior and seamless employee experience.
My Company - Mobile Intranet
Special Day Celebrations

Special Day Celebrations

SORWE always remembers your team’s birthdays and Company anniversaries to ensure a personalised employee experience for each team member.
Send a celebratory announcement and invite others to congratulate them with a fun visual or a heartfelt written message.
Make people feel special and give them the recognition that they deserve.

Engage the Emoji Generation:
A new approach to reward and recognition

Create a whole new culture of recognition and reward and send fun and uplifting appreciation badges at the touch of a button.

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition and appreciation.

Set competitions to earn badges.

Award prizes for the number of badges received.
My Company - Mobile Intranet
Announcements & Stories

Jet Survey: New generation survey platform

Use our advanced survey and analysis tool to collect real time feedback; to temperature check engagement levels; your team’s understanding of the Company’s strategy and goals and the learning outcomes of your training and development programmes.

Choose between a selection of ready-to-use surveys and tests or design your own in four easy steps.

Our intelligent work flows allow you to send these to everyone, select employee groups or individuals.

SORWE collects and analyses the response in real time.

Our intelligent reminder system will prompt employees’ for their response allowing you to do away with costly and lengthy annual engagement surveys.
Everything You Need for Internal Communication
It has never been easier to reach your employees.