We designed a more personalized, fun and much more effective way of internal communication. Listen better, analyze and increase loyalty.
Yapay Zeka
Personalized Communication
Personalized Communication
Deliver your messages to the right people effectively with a personalized story bar. Increase engagement with celebrations.
Listen to Your Employees
Listen to Your Employees
Analyze your employees' thoughts and feelings with instant surveys and advanced suggestion system.
Mobiletranet Experience
Mobiletranet Experience
Gather all your in-house processes in single mobile application. Create an efficient business and a great employee experience.

Announcement & Stories

Share your messages, successes and reach your employees on their mobile devices.
Create and send your announcements easily, whether text or visually. Actively notify all your people of your company's activities at the same time.
With our personalized Sorwe stories and our targetable announcement features, you will create a fun, participatory and much more effective internal communication that can convey your messages to the individual or group.

Suggestion System

Let your employees share their suggestions, ideas, development opportunities on the suggestion wall. You approve them and they like them.
Let the team activity of the employees increase and gain a managerial perspective beyond the success of their work.

My Company - Mobile Intranet

Not an Intranet, it is Mobiltranet.
Bring your company's applications into Sorwe application, manage all your processes from a single platform.
My Company - Mobile Intranet
Special Day Celebrations

Special Day Celebrations

Sorwe never forgets any special day of your employees.
On the morning of the birthday or business anniversary, the first celebration comes from Sorwe on behalf of your company. In addition, those who were born that day or started new jobs are notified to other colleagues every day, and those who wish can send their personal messages.
We communicate with each employee individually and ensure that they establish stronger ties with their team and company.

Jest: New Generation Appreciation and Rewarding

Create a whole new culture of recognition, and rewarding in your company.
All level of employees send appreciation badges to their colleagues at the touch of a button. Motivate employees and encourage them for positive actions.
"Jest" that is new generation recognition is supporting internal communication and positive corporate culture for each level of employees.
My Company - Mobile Intranet
Announcement & Stories

Jet Survey: New Gen Survey Platform

It is an advance in house survey and analysis tool to collect realtime feedback for companies. Companies can use many ready-to-use surveys or can design their surveys or tests in 4 easy steps.
Our infrastructure is also allowing us to create intelligent flow and segmentation depend on a different focus group in your study.
Design your survey, collect answers and analyse results. Complete all process within minutes.
Intelligent reminder system will increase participation in your all surveys which you need a quick reaction.
Everything You Need for Internal Communication
It has never been easier to reach your employees.