Build a high performance company with more connected and participating employee with our easy, friendly and transperent 360° feedback system
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Collect Instant Feedback
Collect Instant Feedback
Design your feedback processes with automated pulse surveys, happiness, satisfaction & engagement measures.
Mobile Orientation
Mobile Orientation
Be with your new employees from the very first day and perfect the orientation experience.
Intelligent 360° Feedback
Intelligent 360° Feedback
Automatically distribute your 360° surveys using deep learning. Apply to all your employees in minutes.


Be with your new employee with Sorwe from day one, with a perfectly designed orientation process. Help the new employee access the information they need with the right time, content and ranking.
Perfect your start-up experience by buddy system and gathering feedback on the on-boarding and orientation process.
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Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Measure employee engagement, loyalty and satisfaction in 18 sub-dimensions. If you wish, you can measure in 18 dimensions with a total of 45 questions by smart Sorwe design. Redesign your research at any time, as you can instantly monitor the results, as well as in different focus groups.
Let your employees provide feedback to guide the development of the organization. Watch the results of your actions instantly.

Jet Survey & Instant Pulse Surveys

A new generation platform where you can quickly implement all kinds of surveys and get advanced reports.
Let your employees forward feedbacks at any place and time with a mobile application, computer or kiosk.
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360° Feedback Survey & Analysis

Effortlessly implement the most advanced 360-degree feedback system in the world to move your employees forward.
Just take a few minutes for a flexible and customized design according to the competence dimensions you want to stand out in your company. Start the process quickly with Smart 360 deployment. Apply to all your employees in minutes.

Happiness Barometer

Do you know the weather of your company? By measuring the happiness of your employees as often as you wish, you can notice the sunny, rainy or stormy regions in your company and easily prepare your point-of-action action plans.
Sorwe Happiness Barometer is practical, fun and our most popular application in companies.
Everything You Need for Internal Communication
It has never been easier to reach your employees.