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Send employee engagement and satisfaction surveys in minutes with Sorwe. Discover detailed survey results with sub-breakdowns in the dynamic reporting panel.
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Question Bank
Question Bank
Benefit from ready to use engagement question sets covering 18 dimensions. You can also upload your own questions.
Mobile and Automatic
Mobile and Automatic
Direct the survey to employee mobiles. Automate by choosing when they’re delivered and notified.
Real Time Reporting
Real Time Reporting
Get the employee satisfaction results in real time while your employees are completing the survey. Discover differences within your organisation.
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Ready to Use Question Sets

In Sorwe, you can find ready-to-use employee satisfaction survey questions for 18 different dimensions prepared by experts. Using survey samples, you can create surveys of different lengths or add questions specific to your organisation.
Ready to Use Question Sets
Measure Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Throughout the Year

Measure Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Throughout the Year

Forget about the long and tiring survey periods that take place once or twice a year. You can send Employee Satisfaction surveys in different lengths covering various dimensions over the year to find out about the current situation. You can always build and save in drafts for future use.

Automate Your Surveys!

Sorwe automatically sends your preset engagement and satisfaction surveys to your employees on your behalf without creating extra workload.

Reach Higher Participation with Smart Reminders on Mobile

We offer a fully digital employee satisfaction survey journey, where employees can participate from their mobile devices or computers.
With the smart reminders, Sorwe notifies your employees via e-mail and mobile, allowing the survey process to be completed in a short time with high participation.
Reach Higher Participation with Smart Reminders on Mobile
Fast and Accurate Analysis

Fast and Accurate Analysis

Sorwe presents results with a high confidence interval thanks to the 2-step verification methodology, evaluating the reliability of the answers based on the completion duration and contradictory answer checks.

Text Analysis Technology

Sorwe reads the answers of open-ended questions on your behalf with AI-based text interpretation analysis. The most mentioned topics are reported to you on a single page.

Dynamic Reporting

Reduce the reporting and analysis time of the week-long Employee Satisfaction Surveys to minutes. With Sorwe, you can follow the results of the employee satisfaction and engagement surveys in real time and reach detailed results in many breakdowns such as department, region, age group, seniority year and gender for all questions.
Dynamic Reporting
Why is Employee Engagement Survey Important?
Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys look for answers to evaluate many issues between the company and the employee, such as working environment and conditions, employee engagement, internal communication, cultural fit and development areas of employee competencies. People strategies can be created in company with the results of employee engagement surveys conducted at regular intervals. Thus, employee satisfaction surveys contribute significantly to determining the future roadmaps of companies.
Employee engagement surveys show that the opinions of the employees are important and the company aims to improve the working environment and employee experience. The positive and negative factors that affect the performance, motivation and loyalty of the employees to the company can be determined based on the results and improvement areas can be discovered to increase them. Positive contributions can be made to the company culture and work efficiency based on the outcomes of the survey.
Employee Satisfaction Survey Case Study
The design and content of employee engagement and satisfaction surveys are generally based on the subjects that are wanted to be evaluated. Having multiple topics with long questions would prevent efficient and effective results. The following survey can be an example of an employee satisfaction survey prepared on a specific topic:
• Topic: Working Environment
1- The working environment gives a ground to perform job responsibilities and duties.
2- Sufficient effort is shown to develop and improve the working environment.
3- Employee opinions are valued to improve the working environment and conditions.
4- Security measures in the working environment are at a sufficient level.
Answer options:
(5) I strongly agree
(4) I agree
(3) I partially agree
(2) I disagree
(1) Strongly disagree
The scoring scale and questions can be expanded in the sample employee satisfaction survey prepared above for the business environment. However, keep in mind that long and boring survey designs may reduce the reliability of the data obtained and may not reflect the current situation.
Don't forget to have a look at the ready-to-use Employee Engagement and Satisfaction questions in Sorwe!
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