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We digitize all HR processes on a single platform. By developing a unique employee experience, we create happier, connected and participatory employees, and make accurate, fast and successful decisions with artificial intelligence and deep learning based measurement and analysis.
World's Companies Trust Us
Weber Saint-Gobain
Weber Saint-Gobain
Bnp Cardif Paribas
Hugo Boss
Esas Gayrimenkul
Bakioğlu Holding
Startup Wise Guys
TEB Cetelem
During this period when we were physically distant from each other, Sorwe's support was very critical for us in this period, from many tools that help us obtain information on issues such as employee engagement and emotional state analysis. It was both surprising and delightful for us to work with an agile, creative team where we can instantly respond to our immediate needs and to be able to design user-friendly interfaces according to our needs.
Pınar Sürmeli
With Sorwe, which we use for various research and survey applications, our employees can easily share their opinions. The results of the research can be followed up with instant reporting and the opinions of our employees can be reported quickly. Sorwe technical team is ready for cooperation in all kinds of improvement and development works. As Koçtaş, we thank Sorwe for their support in making our processes more efficient.
Büşra Türker
Products such as Position Match Analysis, Fast Track, and Happiness Barometer touch almost all of our human resources processes. We make better decisions and create more value with the analysis created in Sorwe.
Ali Kuşçuoğlu
Decathlon Turkiye
I think Sorwe is an extremely productive business partner in this period when the ability to find and use the right ways of communication is indispensable for both companies and people.
Thanks to all Sorwe team for their innovative and supportive insights.
Gül Gökyüzü
Masomo Games
Endless thanks to the Sorwe Business team, who accomplished all our dreams in a short time in the digital transformation adventure of Evyap Human Resources, and always accompanied us with their 24/7 technical support and guidance.
Kader Karaca
I feel fortunate as one of the first users of Sorwe in corporate terms. It is wonderful to see how it evolved into today with actions taken quickly according to our needs! Hope to work together and develop together for many more years… :)
Gizem Aydurmuş
To be in communication with all of our stores, to sniffing the air at the moment we want a single key field, being able to touch all employees with gestures, to found the exchange of ideas with comments from the suggestions walls, Turkey's a one-touch one our employees doing business head at one end "aboard Welcome To" be able to say. Him instantly, it's impressive to be able to get a return.
Well Done, Sorwe :)
Selin Yıldam
Last year, we redesigned and experienced our 360-degree feedback survey, which we have been doing online for five years with Sorwe. The employees welcomed the ease of use, mobile access, speed and clarity of the system. Also, we had the chance to interpret our meetings more efficiently with our newly created 360 development evaluation reports.
Hande Işık
Bakioğlu Holding
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