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We digitize all HR processes on a single platform. By developing a unique employee experience, we create happier, connected and participatory employees, and make accurate, fast and successful decisions with artificial intelligence and deep learning based measurement and analysis.
Bnp Cardif Paribas
Hugo Boss
Anadolu Motor
Bakioğlu Holding
Bilim İlaç
Bell Holding
We have experienced with Sorwe that there can be such a simple, economical and motivating way to touch our employees. With the Happiness Barometer, we can not only measure our happiness, but also identify problem areas in dots.
Ceren Bayraktaroğlu
Decathlon Turkiye
With Sorwe, which we use for various research and survey applications, our employees can easily share their opinions. The results of the research can be followed up with instant reporting and the opinions of our employees can be reported quickly. Sorwe technical team is ready for cooperation in all kinds of improvement and development works. As Koçtaş, we thank Sorwe for their support in making our processes more efficient.
Büşra Türker
With Sorwe, which is one of the most important digital applications of Anadolu Motor and Anadolu Landini, we monitor the employees' pulse instantly, collect feedback on human resources and company practices, and ensure that employees have a say in decision-making mechanisms. Thus, we bring our company together on a single platform with a holistic approach. At the same time, we carry out all kinds of surveys in a digital environment through the Sorwe Business application and adopt an environmentalist approach that eliminates waste of paper. With the flexibility of the reporting system, we are able to access the reports prepared for senior management in any specificity without effort.
Pınar Arasan
Anadolu Motor
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