Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
Internal Communication, Employee Surveys, Performance Management, Mobil Intranet, Instant Feedback, Competencies
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Endless thanks to the Sorwe Business team, who accomplished all our dreams in a very short time in the digital transformation adventure of Evyap Human Resources and accompanied us with 7/24 technical support and guidance.


Evyap Digital Employee Experience Journey

More accurate and effective talent management has been achieved with instant surveys, performance, continuous feedback and competency information with Sorwe. A communication network has been established where employees can convey their suggestions directly to the management. An end-to-end employee experience journey designed for Evyap.

Instant Communication Established with 1514 Employees in 6 Countries

Instant surveys, which provide the opportunity to receive fast and effective feedback, with a personalised communication network were implemented for effective talent management.

Individual One-Pagers for Personal Career Development

All employee data has been displayed on the same screen to both the employee and the manager, providing the employee with the opportunity to follow their career and for managers to provide easy and effective monitoring.

Performance Management System Established in 48 Hours

Performance management was moved from another system to Sorwe in 2 days and the performance process of 359 people started to be managed in the same week.

Confidence of Employees Increased for HR Applications

It was observed that Evyap employees' trust and attention to digital HR applications increased with an employee-oriented digital transformation interface. Increasing satisfaction observed with frequently made surveys.

Participation Rate in Surveys Increased by 80%
With its mobile technology and employee-oriented interfaces, participation in surveys and feedbacks working with Sorwe increased by 80%.

Quick and Effective Feedback Gathering with Pulse Surveys
Pulse Survey, an intelligent survey and analysis platform, was frequently used to get instant feedback from all units in the global organization and to follow ideas and enquires.

Sorwe From HR Perspective

"Fast and Effective Feedback Opportunity"

"We frequently used the Pulse Survey infrastructure in order to receive effective and fast feedback immediately after all the events, training, and meetings we held within the organization. In addition, when we needed an opinion about a product, we had the opportunity to receive feedback from our teams within the organization. Sorwe strengthened the bond between HR and employees. The rate of participation in our surveys and the rate of employee feedback increased by 80%.

We care about the ideas of our employees in our corporate development, and we attach great importance to include them in our decision making. Therefore, we needed a suggestion system that is both employee-friendly and actively managed. Together with the Sorwe team, we further developed Sorwe's Suggestion System, making it an active suggestion and feedback tool for our entire organization. In particular, the short-term proposals that can be realized immediately and those that may require medium and long-term investment were separated from each other. The follow-up of long-term proposals, their transfer to the commission, and their follow-up were carried out entirely online. With user-friendly mobile screens, our employees' participation in the suggestion and feedback processes has been achieved much more effectively."

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