Performance System that Motivates Everyone

You can build a people-oriented, sustainable, high-performance culture by connecting your employee’s goals with yours. Just choose the best performance management partner for continuous success.
Performance System that Motivates Everyone
Customize and See the Difference
Customize and See the Difference
Immediately switch to performance management designed with SMART Goals or OKR methodology suitable for your corporate culture.
Take a Holistic Approach
Take a Holistic Approach
Create a culture with a human-oriented and sustainable performance system integrated with all your other talent management processes.
Engage to Company Goals
Engage to Company Goals
Discover participatory and dynamic performance management. Employees will know the main goals of their companies and see how much impact they have with each goal.
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Are You Aligned Enough with Your Company’s Goals?

Don’t worry. We keep employees committed to the company's main goals, showing in real-time how their success affects the company and their personal careers. We have designed the most fun, easy and effective way to create, track and celebrate performance.
Easily adopt the OKR and Smart Goal performance system according to your company goals and let all your employees enjoy their end-to-end performance processes from their mobile devices.
Performans Yönetimi
Performans Değerlendirme

Create Dream Teams for Your Company

The most important point affecting the success of an organization is the quality of its talent pool and its compliance with the relevant tasks in terms of competence.
You can see the future of your company doing job fit analysis and discover who has potential for management levels.
Complete the evaluation processes of your new candidates or your existing employees with artificial intelligence technology and create dream teams for your company.
Automatically match the position and the candidate's competence and behavioral match thanks to the person-job fit analysis, and easily discover the most suitable candidates.

Discover Your Team’s Potential and Future Leaders

Send instant online personality inventory and competency test to one or a thousand people, get a detailed report in minutes. Share the report with the employee or the management.
Discover your employees' leadership skills and identify career development areas.
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Customized Performance System
Connect employee development and goals with company goals.