Connect and Motivate Your Teams With The Company Goals.

We turn the OKR methodology into an exciting and enjoyable performance management experience. Build alignment, accountability, and transparency across your company, track and cooperate on goals at all levels.
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Customize For Your Best Performance

Easily design your own performance management process by determining the most appropriate performance criteria according to your company's organizational structure, sector and culture.
You can create and manage the performance system specific to your company's needs and custom performance culture by adding business goals, 360-degree feedback, and many other criteria with impact weights that define success for you.
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No More Boring Performance Processes

We combined OKR setting with user-friendly screen designs and a brand-new performance experience.
You can easily design and manage the performance system specific to your company's needs from our manager screens.
Easily include all employees in the performance process thanks to simple, fun, motivating screens and processes that employees of all levels can easily use on their mobile devices without any need of training.

Make Sure That Everyone Gets You

We redesigned the OKR methodology into an employee-oriented, lean and sustainable performance experience.
Easily create a sustainable high performance culture in your company with a dynamic, inclusive and real-time experience.
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Let Your People Feel The Game In Real Time

One of the most important ways to create sustainable engagement and motivation for employees is to make their work meaningful and visible.
As each employee achieves their goals and sees how much they contribute to the company and personal career, their performance become much more meaningful.
As each small goal is finalized, show employees in real time how much they contributed to the company and their own careers.

Instant Reports! That’s The “Real” Difference For HR

Each employee can monitor themselves, their team and company goals and performance status in real time from their own mobile device.
With live screens created according to the organizational structure, we continuously and transparently connect employees to company goals, and turn performance into an effective experience and culture.
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Everything’s Connected. The Puzzle is “Sorwed.”

All tools running in Sorwe are interconnected so, we offer an end-to-end employee experience and human analytics in a unique way.
360-degree feedback reports, personality and competency analyses, suggestions, recognitions and evaluation of each employee throughout the year are collected on the personal career pages. If you wish, you can link these results with the performance system and easily include additional success criteria to score the performance.
Customized Performance System
Connect employee development and goals with company goals.