Personal Data Protection and Processing User Privacy Notice

  • As Sorwe Information and Mobile Technologies A.S. ("SORWE"), we attach high importance to the security and confidentiality of your personal data and we adopt the highest level of security measures to keep your data safe. With Sorwe’s “Data Controller and/or data processor” title, we operate in accordance of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("KVKK") and the relevant legislations applicable in Europe, as stated in detail in the Disclosure Text on Protection of Personal Data.
  • SORWE, Disclosure Text About Processing Personal Data, ("Disclosure Text") in accordance with the article titled "Obligation of Data Supervisor" in the 10th article of KVKK, has been prepared to inform you in the most transparent way about the identity of the data controller, the method of collecting personal data and the legal base, the purpose for which data will be processed, to whom and for what purpose it can be transferred, data processing period and your rights listed in Article 11 of the KVKK.
  • An oral, written or electronic identity, contact information, professional experience, personal, marketing and transaction security data which are kept together with your personal data and your identity information, and depending on your preferences your answers to the questions in the system some of your personal data that are been shared via the means that are prepared by SORWE and presented to you by the website, social media channels, call center, mobile applications and similar means, can be processed by SORWE based on your explicit consent on the legitimate interests of SORWE.
  • Please find the disclosure text here:
  • I have explicit consent to the processing of my personal data defined in the KVK Law in accordance with the form and conditions specified with the disclosure text, to be used and shared within the scope of the relevant processes limited to the purpose of processing, to be kept within the required period and confirm that necessary information has been provided to me regarding this matter;
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    I do not agree [  ]