Retain and Engage Your Team with Employee Experience

We give you the power to create personalised employee experiences & growth journeys, that retain your team and boost performance. Connect distributed teams to create a motivating workplace culture, focused on the same mission.
Retain and Engage Your Team with Employee Experience
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We Help Our Partners to Achieve Sustainable High-Performance Culture

Our Mission is to Revolutionise The Future of Work

Fully Digital Employee Experience

Sorwe is an all in one digital employee experience platform. Admin-heavy tasks are transformed into fun experiences for employees, creating happiness, engagement, and more proactive leaders.
Fully Digital Employee Experience
Community Feeling & Natural Engagement

Everything You Need in One Place

More than just basic employee surveys, Sorwe connects all employee lifecycles and reporting under one roof. You can find every pillar to shape your employee experience unique to your culture.

Mobile-First Approach: Distance Doesn’t Matter

Stay connected with your team wherever they are. Let your team access updates, materials, or training from their mobile app with a user-friendly interface that increases interaction to the highest level. It is secure and easy to use for everybody, anytime, anywhere.
Mobile-First Approach: Distance Doesn’t Matter
Community Feeling & Natural Engagement

Community Feeling & Natural Engagement

We know everything starts and ends with people. With a wide set of peer-to-peer features, we enable bottom-up engagement without a need for top-down management. This creates an atmosphere of high motivation, lowering turnover and encouraging feedback sharing from your people.
Rewarded by the Global Entrepreneurs Program (GEP), the United Kingdom in 2019.

Power Up Your Success with People Analytics

Following the temperature of your company is easier than ever through real-time insights and alerts. With undisrupted data reporting, be resilient to any challenges.

Feel the Power of Connected Insights

Discover the bigger picture with connected analytics to fully understand your strategies and their impact. Don’t just rely on singular, infrequent, open-text surveys!
Feel the Power of Connected Insights
Live in the Now and Understand Your People in Real-Time

Live in the Now and Understand Your People in Real-Time

Benefit from real-time reporting and ‘ready to view’ key metrics from engagement and interaction results. Know what’s happening and needed right now, to build your people management strategy with all the relevant data at your fingertips.

Save Time with Human-Touch Automation

We know your time is valuable. Automate your processes such as pulse surveys, onboarding, and more while enjoying ready to use templates and shaping your organisation’s future. No longer trawl through open text survey answers, we do all the heavy lifting for you!
Feel the Power of Connected Insights
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