How to Create Corporate Wellbeing With Good Employee Experience?

03 August 2021 | 3 Minute
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How to Create Corporate Wellbeing With Good Employee Experience?

In the workplace, employee well-being has become a hot concern. Because there has never been a more challenging or critical time to support the mental health of your workforce. 

As they aim to improve their employees' experience and favorably impact company results, an increasing number of businesses are prioritizing well-being.

Employee well-being refers to an employee's expectations, stress levels, responsibilities, and working environment, as well as how these factors influence their general health and happiness. Physical health is important, but so are intangible factors such as the mood of our teams. Likewise, corporate well-being affects all business dynamics in an important range from high performance and employee engagement, especially important professional competencies such as creative thinking, problems encountered in business life, and coping with stress.

Nearly two-thirds of full-time employees experience burnout at work on some level. Burnout can make employees especially sensitive to mental health difficulties when combined with the fact that various seasons might bring higher degrees of depression, exhaustion, and unhappiness.

In our previous article, we shared 12 suggestions to deal with the burnout syndrome, which is increasing, especially in remote working.

So if you want to increase employee experience and your corporate well-being hand in hand, here are some tips you could make use of.

  • Listen to Them to Identify Wellbeing Issues 

Employee listening is the process of regularly collecting input from employees throughout their careers. Employers can utilize this method to learn more about a range of areas, including their employees' well-being. You can start a survey and can find the best actions to take by understanding the facts particular to your team. While quantitative data are crucial, managers should also pay special attention to open-ended comments.

  • Collect Feedback From Your Employees on Mobile

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly suggestion system where your employees can always make their voices heard. In this way, your teams will always be able to convey their thoughts, problems or requests to you wherever they are. This is one of the best ways for managers to get feedback. Due to time constraints, it can be difficult to be informed about important requests and problems immediately, as 1-1 meetings can force our agenda. For example, you can keep feedback from your employees open 24/7 on important issues such as health and safety.

  • Create Volunteering Groups

You can organize activities and information sharing with your employees on different subjects besides work by creating volunteer groups based on the suggestions and interests of your employees. In this way, your employees will feel that they are not alone in their companies in their fields of interest and will strengthen their bonds.

  • Recognize Your Employees Frequently

Employee appreciation is important for keeping morale and engagement high. When it comes to employee recognition, the best practices include being fast and explicit in your praise and recognition. Even if engaged employees have their own internal motivations for going above and beyond, it's human nature to like being praised for hard work. You can benefit from applications where you can easily share your appreciation with your employees and create a fun and motivating atmosphere within the company.

You can reach Sorwe for easy and fun appreciation sharing on mobile.

  • Launch Digital Sports Challenges

Do you have a vision of a vigorous and dynamic team? In order to contribute to the healthy life of your employees, you can set fun activity goals alongside your company goals. You can support the healthy lives of your employees with activities such as 10 thousand steps a day campaigns and running marathons.

  • Organize Virtual Dance Hours

How would you like to start the week energetically or to increase the energy that is decreasing during the week? Dancing with 15-minute or half-hour Zumba or Salsa lessons from Zoom or all other digital platforms will make your whole team feel very good. At first it may seem difficult to ensure participation, but believe us, participation will increase. Especially, make sure that the executive team attend these hours. Afterwards, you can create enjoyable videos with short sections from dance hours. Business life is not always formal, remember that every minute of fun together will make a difference in employee engagement.

  • Ask Your Employees How They Are

Nearly 40% of workers around the world say no one has asked how they are doing at work lately. To avoid this, help your management team develop their emotional intelligence competencies. For example, you can share a list of relevant questions to start a conversation, and by setting this list in line with the company's vision and values, you can help establish a culture of trust and support within the company. Alternatively, teach them important skills, such as how to listen or how to ask more open-ended questions, rather than jump straight into problem solving.

  • Encourage Work From Different Environment

Haven't we stayed at home long enough during the COVID period? According to Deloitte's research, burnout syndrome increased by 9% during the working period at home. By supporting working from different environments such as parks, cafes or co-working spaces, you can raise the motivation of your teams again and keep corporate wellbeing up.

  • “Take care” on a Corporate Level

A holistic approach that includes physical activity, nutrition, and mental health promotes a common culture of gratitude for the ability to focus on both individual goals and a healthy work environment as a whole. So, create a healthy company culture where every employee feels taken care of and valuable. Organize bike tours, healthy living activities, always offer healthy foods and encourage mindfulness practices.

  • Make Use of a Powerful Platform 

With Sorwe, increase awareness and utilization of your well-being program and other employee benefits by utilizing our robust, built-in communications feature. With adaptable technology, you can streamline your employee experience strategies and culture-building efforts. 


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