Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
Internal Communication, Employee Surveys, Suggestion System, Performance System, Happiness Barometer
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We use Sorwe for various researches, survey applications, and leadership performance management, and our employees can easily share their opinions. Research and performance system results can be followed up with instant reporting, and the views of our employees can be reported quickly. Sorwe technical team is ready for cooperation in all kinds of improvement and development works. As Koçtaş, we thank Sorwe for their support of our processes to be more efficient.

Koctas Digital Employee Experience Journey

By starting the 'Voice of Employees' project, Koçtaş aimed to start using a strong feedback tool and action plan to understand the employees' satisfaction in their field activities and evaluate their performance within the company. The project previously started to be managed by nine people who mostly handled the processes from data entry to reporting manually. The main challenge was the long manual procedures that required 6-8 weeks of workload. The need for an effective digital solution has become a necessity.

To learn about customer satisfaction from the market and product research team of Koçtaş started sharing insights through Sorwe. The real-time feedback collection and analysis system allowed the opportunity to examine the feedback received in real-time and provided a competitive advantage.

Workload Decreased From 6 Weeks To 3 Days

In just three days, employee surveys were completed with more than 85% participation.

Employee Suggestions Were Analysed with AI

With the mobile application, Sorwe became an intermediary in collecting suggestions and requests of all employees in the field. Sorwe analysed thousands of suggestions collected over 6 months with AI-based technology and delivered commonly stated and the most important topics to Koçtaş immediately.

About Koçtaş

Koçtaş, the leader in household materials and goods, opened its first store in our country in 1996 in İzmir. Koçtaş continued its rapid growth after the B&Q partnership agreement. Koçtaş, which ranks third in the world's household goods retailer, has more than 50 stores and 3200 employees.

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