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Digitalisation Areas
Digitalisation Areas
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I feel very lucky as one of the first users to use Sorwe in a corporate sense. It is amazing to see how it has evolved to the present with the actions taken rapidly according to our needs! We wish to work and develop together for many more years… 

iyzico Digital Employee Experience Journey

In the process of creating a strong company culture, iyzico was looking for a solution that they can listen to the ideas of its employees and keep the feedback and engagement of the employees high. In this context, our paths cross with iyzico.

Effective internal communication, 360-degree feedback, and gathering feedback for a strong company culture formed the agenda of the iyzico employee experience journey with Sorwe. Aiming to communicate with its employees anytime, anywhere, iyzico frequently uses pulse surveys from Sorwe digital solutions. At the same time, it actively applies surveys related to employee NPS, which is a strong indicator to measure employee satisfaction.

iyzico has the opportunity to listen to its employees and learn their moods with Sorwe pulse surveys. iyzico measured the level of engagement of employees and how satisfied they were with the practices of the organization with NPS and analyses the survey results by taking detailed breakdowns in reports. Thus, it forms the basis of a strong company culture with more engaged employees.

About iyzico

iyzico is a financial technology company that facilitates the online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. iyzico provides the payment infrastructure of their shopping with artificial intelligence-based technologies on more than 40 thousand websites and works for a much faster and safer shopping experience.

iyzico states their strength is that they democratize financial services and make them accessible to everyone. iyzico facilitates the process of creating a transparent, solution-oriented company culture with Sorwe digital HR solutions.

Digital HR Solutions

  • Employee Surveys 

Employee surveys are the most important part of effective internal communication. Communications with employees once or twice a year prevent the creation of a common culture. On the other hand, providing continuous communication and providing an environment where employees can always express their thoughts creates the basis of strong company culture by increasing both employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

With employee surveys, instant feedback from employees can be collected, and a high-performing company can be created with more engaged and participatory employees. Being able to design a survey on any subject liberates this area. These requirements are provided by Sorwe employee surveys.

Step-by-step employee surveys:

  • Design and Automate: Create the survey in any field according to your needs in the form of open-ended text, NPS, multiple-choice, or scoring question type without limit. Enter the content of the survey, select the target audience you want to refer to, choose the duration and confirm your survey after the preview, save it in drafts for reuse. Automate your recurring surveys in any format for free. Thus, you can reduce the workload that will occur in each period.
  • Forward to Mobile: Forward surveys to employees' mobile devices to increase participation in surveys. Make it possible for them to participate in the survey outside of working hours, before going to bed, in the service, without turning on their computers. In addition, take advantage of gamification and internal event to maximize participation.
  • Follow Results Instantly: Follow survey results in real-time, from survey start to end. Take actions to increase participation in departments and locations where participation is low. At the end of the survey period, analyze all the results with detailed reports. Get all results in Excel, PDF, raw data format from a single channel.
  • Benefit from Artificial Intelligence in Text Analysis: Don't waste time reading the answers to open-ended questions. Categorize answers with Sorwe's AI-based text analysis system. Obtain the most common answers and the mentioned topics with visual analysis. In addition, learn the dominant emotional state and take actions according to whether the answers are written in a positive or negative sense.
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