10 Tips to Improve Your Team's Performance

03 November 2021 | 4 Minute
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10 Tips to Improve Your Team's Performance

In certain periods, your employees may experience a decrease in their performance due to their social or business life. Managers can increase the work performance of their employees by means of certain strategies and practices that will positively affect the engagement and motivation of employees to the business. In addition, certain activities in which the whole team can participate together can enable employees to get to know each other better and create a sense of togetherness. Thus, team performance can be increased by strengthening the work harmony in the work processes of the employees.

Although it differs depending on factors such as company structure and working model, there are certain strategies and practices applied in the business world to increase team performance. These strategies and activities not only increase team performance but also contribute to the development of company culture. As Sorwe, we have presented 10 tips for you to increase team performance in this article.

1. Establish a Regular Network

The communication network owned by the companies is a system that connects both employees and departments. Effective execution of the basic functions of management such as planning, supervision, and decision-making is possible with a continuous and regular communication network. For this reason, you can make a significant contribution to increasing employee performance, such as employee satisfaction and engagement, thanks to a regular communication network.

2. Create a Team Feeling

Thanks to practices and strategies that will strengthen the sense of unity among team members, employees can focus on business processes as a team. Thus, it contributes to increasing the motivation of the teams by conducting business processes more effectively.

3. Set Objective and Transparent Goals

All companies, regardless of size, need to set appropriate targets for their overall plan and purpose. It is important to consider the internal functioning, employees, and company culture in the goal-setting process of companies. Since the goals set are related to all departments and employees, they need to be objective and transparent. At this point, you can benefit from the OKR method, which increases employee performance by increasing cooperation, productivity, and employee engagement between employees and the departments.

4. Increase Motivation with Gamification Methods

Gamification methods contribute to processes such as recruitment and employee training, as well as to processes related to teamwork and employee motivation. Thanks to effective gamification methods, you can determine which motivational factors affect your employees and teams and apply solutions for factors such as social activity, appreciation, and communication.

5. Benefit from the Buddy System

The Buddy system is aimed at facilitating and accelerating the adaptation process of the new employee to the company and the job with a volunteer buddy. Employees who adapt quickly to the working environment and social environment increase their motivation as they both feel valued and use their competencies effectively within the team.

6. Build a Culture of Feedback

Establishing a regular and effective feedback culture contributes to increasing employee performance as well as employee satisfaction and engagement. Thanks to the feedback obtained through methods such as employee satisfaction surveys and 360-degree evaluation, improvement solutions for team performance can be determined.

7. Establish a Regular Information Flow and Reporting System

It is necessary to provide certain communication channels in order for the employees in the team to establish healthy and professional communication, to ensure a regular flow of information, and to transfer information and reports regarding business processes to the right people at the right time. While these communication channels strengthen the communication among the employees, they enable both the business processes to work more effectively and the team employees to work more motivated. At this stage, you can identify and use the appropriate tools, methods, and strategies required for effective internal communication.

8. Be a Role Model

Managers in the company need to be role models that can guide the team in every process from social and work-life balance to work discipline. Thus, a working environment can be created in which the employees in the team can communicate more easily and their business goals and expectations are presented more clearly. This not only increases employee and team performance but also ensures that business processes are carried out more effectively.

9. Give Autonomy to Team Members

When companies are busy, it can be ensured that teams feel more comfortable with certain applications and activities. They can also focus more on employees' work processes by reducing the number of unnecessary meetings. Thanks to these applications, team employees who are more relaxed and focused can be more motivated.

10. Organize Team Activities

Communication and relationships between team members can be strengthened through various activities such as games and tournaments. In addition, these activities allow team members working at a busy schedule to take a breather, helping employees work more motivated after returning to work.

We've put together specific strategies and methods that you can apply to increase the motivation of teams in your company. Sorwe offers needed solutions for strategies and methods to increase team motivation. You can contact us for detailed information about solutions that will help you increase team motivation.

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