6 Things To Consider While Selecting Employee Engagement Tool For Your Organisation

04 September 2023 | 3 Minute
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6 Things To Consider While Selecting Employee Engagement Tool For Your Organisation

Picking the right tool to keep employees engaged is a major choice that can have a big impact on how successful your efforts are. To make sure you choose the best option for your company's culture, goals, and needs, it's important to think about certain key factors.

In this article, we'll go through 6 important factors to consider when you're selecting an employee engagement tool. Let’s get started!

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Compatibility with Organisational Culture and Values:


A critical aspect to prioritise is ensuring that the chosen engagement tool harmonises seamlessly with your organisation's culture and core values. This tool ought to strongly resonate with your company's overarching mission, visionary aspirations, and the kind of employee experience you aspire to deliver. 


It's imperative to evaluate whether the tool genuinely fosters key values like transparency, collaboration, recognition, and a commitment to ongoing improvement – all of which are pivotal for cultivating a highly engaged workforce. The robust alignment between the tool and your organisational culture not only guarantees employee receptiveness but also facilitates its seamless integration into the broader organisational framework.


User-Friendliness and Accessibility:


An effective engagement tool must prioritise user-friendliness and accessibility for all employees. It's essential to carefully evaluate the interface, emphasising intuitiveness, seamless navigation, and an exceptional overall user experience. The hallmark of a user-friendly tool is its ability to minimise the need for extensive training and support, enabling employees to swiftly embrace and leverage its capabilities.


Equally important is the aspect of accessibility. This entails guaranteeing that the tool is seamlessly available across a spectrum of devices and capable of accommodating diverse work scenarios, such as remote or mobile work setups.


For example, Sorwe’s tool allows employees to access the Digital Employee Engagement Platform from any device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone! Making it easier for them to complete engagement surveys, share feedback with peers or engage with any other HR related activities. 


Scalability and Integration Capabilities:


When you're evaluating a tool to engage your employees, think about whether it can grow with your company and work well with other tools you use. Your company might get bigger, and the tool should be able to handle that. Analyse if it can handle more employees and new features as your engagement plans get bigger. Also, see if it can integrate with the tools you already use. Here are some additional things to remember:


Adaptability to the Organisational Schema


A good tool for engaging employees should fit in easily with how your company works. It should work well with the way processes are already set up and the activities your employees already do. This makes it easier to make things bigger as your company grows and helps everyone work together better.


Reports Made Just for Your Company


Make sure the tool can make reports that are just right for your company. Look at whether the tool can make custom reports that suit what your company needs.


Security and Data Privacy:


Engagement tools play a pivotal role in managing sensitive employee data, underscoring the paramount importance of security and data privacy. It is imperative to verify that the chosen tool meticulously aligns with industry-leading security protocols to fortify the protection of employee information. 


Essential attributes to seek to encompass robust data encryption, meticulous access controls, and a cadence of rigorous security audits. Furthermore, a comprehensive scrutiny of the tool provider's privacy policies and adeptness in data handling is advised to assure adherence to pertinent regulations, ultimately culminating in the preservation of employee confidentiality.


Vendor Reputation and HR Know-How:


You must evaluate the reputation and track record of the employee engagement tool's vendor. Consider factors such as their experience in the employee engagement space, customer reviews and testimonials, and case studies of successful implementations. A reputable vendor with a history of providing reliable support and continuous product updates is essential for a smooth implementation and ongoing support of the tool. Assess their customer service and technical support capabilities to ensure timely assistance when needed.


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Multi-Language Use and Support


Operating across multiple countries can present language barriers that hinder employee engagement. Hence, it’s vital to assess the engagement tool’s capacity for accommodating multiple languages. By enabling seamless translation of content into native languages, this functionality empowers employees to contribute effortlessly, thereby amplifying overall employee engagement.


Guess what…who already has this feature? Yes, that’s right Sorwe!


Cost and Return on Investment (ROI):


Assess both the expenses and the potential for return on investment associated with the engagement tool. Scrutinise the various pricing models presented by the vendor, be it a singular upfront payment, a subscription arrangement, or a per-user charge. 


Delve into a comprehensive comparison between the expenses incurred and the anticipated advantages and return on investment that the tool can deliver. Extend your analysis beyond the immediate expenditures, taking into account the enduring value that the tool can bestow upon your organisation, particularly in terms of heightened employee engagement, amplified productivity, and enhanced retention rates.




This article only solves one piece of the puzzle: “How to select the right employee engagement tool for your organisation”. In order to solve the remaining pieces of this puzzle, download our full guide by clicking the banner below. 

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