5 Human Resources Processes That Need to be Digitalized

13 July 2021 | 3 Minute
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 5 Human Resources Processes That Need to be Digitalized

Human resource management entails a lot more than just identifying and recruiting people with the right skills. Human resources professionals also handle operations including employee training, interactions, and performance assessments, all of which are carried out in accordance with the company's goals. As a result, HR specialists are critical to a company's success.


The methods and tools preferred by HR experts can directly affect HR processes. The use of spreadsheets for HR processes is now considered a manual and traditional method. Collecting, calculating and interpreting data with traditional methods and making decisions accordingly can cause delays in HR processes and decrease productivity. Therefore, we need innovative digital methods to increase the efficiency of HR processes and eliminate the margin of error. We have listed some of the HR processes that you can digitize for you.


1. Internal Communication

Internal communication, which links employees and departments, is critical for a business's growth, efficiency, and staff retention. It is the goal of a successful internal communication system to not only enable your employees to communicate with one another, but also to assure employee harmony, to develop a healthy information network, and to create a positive work environment. It is vital to pick and use proper instruments in order to accomplish the tasks and goals of internal communication.

For the constant and strong flow of information within the firm, traditional communication platforms may not be sufficient. You can ensure that information flow between your employees and departments is faster and more easy using new internal communication solutions. You may help to develop a stronger and more efficient connection between your employees and other employees and teams by switching internal communication to digital platforms.


2. Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys, which can be done on a variety of topics such as working environment and conditions, employee competency development, and internal communication, allow employers to determine how employees feel about their jobs. You may use the employee satisfaction survey to figure out what elements influence your employees' performance, motivation, and engagement. It also aids in the development of your company's long-term goals and strategy.

In employee satisfaction surveys, which include multiple stages such as planning, implementation, and evaluation, you can utilize new generation approaches for time savings, employee confidentiality, data analysis, and dependability. The digital employee satisfaction survey, which is more efficient, reliable, and quick, cuts down on your workload and increases productivity.


3. 360 Degree Evaluation

One of the most successful and dependable approaches for measuring employee performance is 360-degree evaluation. Employee performance is not solely evaluated by the employee's boss in this technique. The evaluation procedure includes coworkers, customers, and unit employees in addition to the employee's management. With 360-degree evaluation, involving customers in the process assures a more comprehensive and objective evaluation as well as an increase in product and service quality during the evaluation process.

In the 360-degree evaluation method, not receiving feedback from only one person and having more people in the evaluation process can turn into a time-consuming, intense and stressful process for HR professionals. By digitizing your 360-degree evaluation process, you can save time and get effective results in stages such as preparation, evaluation and reporting.


4. Orientation Process

The orientation procedure ensures that employees who have recently joined the company or department adapt to their new jobs and working environment. The orientation process clarifies the role of your employees in business processes, company culture, and the operation of the processes. As a result, you'll be able to put new employees' skills to good use without wasting time.

Factors such as too much information flow, information pollution, tracking problems, and manual document procedures can all have a detrimental impact on the orientation process. As a result, it's critical that you use digital tools for an efficient orientation process. You can ensure that your new workers get the information they need at the appropriate time, in the right format, and in the correct order by conducting the orientation process in a digital environment.


5. Employee Trainings

Although the competencies and qualifications of the current employees are oriented towards the goals and values ​​of the company, with the development of technology, you may need human resources with different competencies. As a result, the training and development of present personnel for your company's future goals and strategies is critical.

You must assess the employees' training needs, select appropriate tools, plan, monitor, and evaluate the training process in order to have a successful training and development program. Traditional approaches and a fast-paced work environment may reduce participation and enthusiasm in trainings required for your employees' development. By digitizing these employees' training and development procedures, you may improve training satisfaction and impact while making process follow-up easier.

By digitizing your human resources process and services, you can improve your human resource management. To digitize your HR process, you can use new generation and effective Sorwe solutions. To learn more about Sorwe's digital HR solutions and to receive more specific information, please contact us.

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