Employee Performance Evaluation Form in New Normal

09 November 2021 | 4 Minute
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Employee Performance Evaluation Form in New Normal

Nowadays, the remote working model, which is accepted as the new normal, is commonly used by many companies. In this direction, there are certain changes in human resources processes. One of these human resources processes is the evaluation of employee performance. Experts and managers need innovative solutions to evaluate the performance of employees in business processes with the remote working model, unlike traditional methods. 

Evaluation forms used by managers to evaluate employee performance in working conditions may need to be updated in the remote working model. In this article for you, we have explained how the evaluation form should be prepared to evaluate the performance of employees in the remote working model.

What is Employee Performance Evaluation Form?

There are several solutions that experts can use to evaluate employee performance. Employee performance evaluation form, which is one of these solutions, is a form that enables companies to apply the performance evaluation process of their employees more easily and shortens the evaluation process. It is aimed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the employees with these forms. However, if improvements are needed as a result of the data obtained, experts have to resort to different processes.

These forms, which are created to evaluate employee performance, must contain certain basic criteria in order to ensure their effectiveness. According to these criteria, the sentences in these forms should be presented clearly, and the language of expression should be understandable. A comprehensive evaluation report of these forms should be submitted, including topics such as role, target, efficiency. In addition, it is important to evaluate the responses in the applied form in a personalized way and according to the employee's position.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form Questions

An employee performance evaluation form questions may differ depending on various factors. However, there are certain questions that are recommended to be included in a basic employee performance appraisal form. A few of these questions and the reasons why they are included in the form are as follows:

1) What are you proud of in your performance this year or quarter?

With this question, it is aimed to express the achievements of the employees and to increase their confidence in the work they do. The employee's answer to this question and their satisfaction with their work can also be determined during the evaluation.

2) What were the problems that prevented you from doing your job better?

With this question, the factors that prevent the employee from fully revealing his/her performance can be determined. In order for the employee to be more effective and productive in the future, improvement studies can be carried out for the working environment and business processes. However, implicitly, the message is given that the employee can achieve higher performance.

3) What were your unachievable goals this quarter?

With the answer to this question, the missing points of the employee and the issues that they can do better can be determined. In addition, thanks to this question, the necessary training and development processes can be carried out for the employee, thereby increasing his motivation and productivity.

4) What are the competencies that you are better at in teamwork?

With this question, in addition to the individual performance of the employee, information about the suitability of his role and position in teamwork can be obtained. However, the effectiveness of the features that contribute to teamwork such as leadership, human relations, and communication, rather than the individual characteristics of the employee, can be determined.

5) What are your goals for the next half or quarter?

The employee's answer to this question basically provides the necessary information about the employee's future role and position in the company. Thus, the harmony between the company's future goals and the employee's goals can be determined. In cases where the targets are incompatible, it is aimed to achieve compliance with the company targets through talent and performance management for the employee.


How should Employee Performance Evaluation be in the Remote Working Model?

Different from the classical working model, factors such as the decrease in social interaction and the emergence of communication problems with the use of the remote working model can directly affect employee performance. Both the remote work of the employees and the presence of different factors affecting their performance may require certain changes in the performance evaluation methods and criteria.

In the remote working model, before evaluating the employee performance, a feedback culture suitable for the remote working model should be created and the harmony between the company goals and the employee's goals should be ensured in terms of accessibility and measurability. Afterward, a suitable evaluation environment can only be created for the performance of the employee in business processes.

In the remote working model, which is considered the new normal, the use of traditional methods may not be sufficient to properly evaluate the performance of employees. At this point, it is very important for managers to make appropriate evaluations by making use of new generation methods and solutions. 


Things to do to evaluate employee performance in the remote working model are as follows:

  • Instead of traditional long performance evaluation forms, faster, frequent, and more effective evaluations can be prepared.
  • The performance evaluation can be digitized for easy access and easy use.
  • The 360-degree performance evaluation method, where employees can include feedback from their colleagues, customers, and team members as well as managers, can be utilized.
  • It is important for the employees to show their real performance for the effectiveness of the performance evaluation result. For this reason, it is important to use target-setting systems such as OKR, which are suitable for the remote working model.
  • In order to prevent problems in performance evaluation processes, new-generation communication and feedback systems suitable for the remote working model should be used. These systems also contribute to the improvement of social interaction and communication among employees.

Companies may have to apply innovative solutions for changing methods and strategies in the new normally employee performance evaluation process. Sorwe offers new generation performance evaluation solutions suitable for the remote working model. With these solutions, you can benefit from question sets prepared with 26 different competencies. In addition, you can divide the 360-degree evaluation method into 90, 180, or 270 degrees and carry out the evaluation process as you wish. You can contact us for more detailed information about Sorwe solutions for the performance evaluation process.

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