How Do You Keep Employee Motivation Up During the Summer?

09 July 2021 | 3 Minute
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How Do You Keep Employee Motivation Up During the Summer?

The ‘Summer Slump,' according to studies, is a very genuine seasonal phenomena that affects employee motivation everywhere hot weather strikes in summer. Especially with working from home during the pandemic. 

But summer doesn't mean that focus and productivity have to go out the window. Encouraging employees is even more important over the summer months to keep productivity high and business moving. Developing a motivational plan is critical for every company, regardless of size, but it is especially critical for small medium size business owners who rely on a smaller work force. Below are some helpful and fun suggestions to motivate your staff this summer.


Suggest Outdoor Working

Why not hold your team meeting outside if they are craving for some time in the sun while they should be concentrating on an essential team meeting? Fresh air always helps to boost creativity! This can be as simple as holding a meeting on the cafeteria terrace, in the grounds of your office building, or even in the park across the street. Employees respond favorably to a change of environment and fresh air, and employee motivation rises as a result. Meeting outdoors, or any place other than office also fastens the bounding between peers.


Ease Working Hours – Friyays!

Summer months are often slower for most firms, so consider implementing "Summer Fridays" with less working hours or allowing staff to work from home on Fridays. Allow your staff to take a break and relax during the summer months; this will help them focus better when they return to work. For example when you have employees who have children, the pleasant summer weather might sap employee motivation. With schools closed, kids want to get out and play, which provides a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children. This can be accomplished by being more flexible regarding working hours.


Clear Goals and Objectives will Keep Employees Motivated

Successful employees complete their tasks regardless of the weather or the season. Establishing clear objectives, targets, and deadlines is the greatest approach to keep everyone engaged. You can benefit from performance management tools that allows your team to follow their personal accomplishments and contribution to company goals. Before they leave the office to enjoy a lovely day or take a long vacation, your team members will know exactly what they are expected to do.


Plan a Summer Company Event 

With the weather being so nice, why not organize a company-wide leisure event? It's a terrific way to invite families, promote a positive workplace culture, and remind employees that their efforts are appreciated. A business picnic is even suggested by Whatever the occasion, it's a fantastic way to remind your staff that you value them and keep them engaged! In the organisation, make sure that everyone is aware of the event with a strong internal communication. Post countdowns and clear when where info when publishing details to ease the meeting on the day. Sending emails to let your employees know can be heard boring for this activity. For us too! Have a look internal communication tools on mobile that employees can receive push notifications on their screen. Remember, everyone checks their notifications under 3mins in this life! 

Here are some best team bounding activities for summer:

  • Any nature fans? Cycling in the river side!
  • Picnics with bubbles
  • Food workshop with a Michelin star chef. (Fancy…)
  • Wine tasting!
  • Mini golf
  • Paddleboard 
  • Meet alpacas in a farm!
  • Horse riding in countryside
  • Kayaking 
  • Afternoon Yoga
  • Sound bathing 
  • Walking tour in Cliffs!
  • Oyster search 
  • Beekeeping workshop
  • Foraging walk in the woods
  • Visit waterfalls
  • Gin distilling
  • Fruit picking and jam making


Keep Communication Open 

Always keep your employees or team members informed about when people are going vacations - and who to call if they are unavailable. Hold weekly meetings to discuss what is expected for the week as well as any future events or meetings that employees should be aware of.

Is anyone leaving the company for good? Or is there any new procedures coming up? You can share all via the new generation mobile intranet to your employees. 

With Sorwe, we bring employees and employers together with our application wherever they are and ensure that their interaction continues during the summer months. In particular, you can follow internal communication and what's going on in the workplace, fun tests and competitions from within Sorwe.

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