How to Create Feedback Culture in Remote Working?

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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How to Create Feedback Culture in Remote Working?

Would you prefer to get feedback on the job you have done at that moment or a year later at the performance evaluation meeting? It's obvious that everyone would prefer the first option, even if it is negative feedback. So, how is it possible to provide consistent feedback when the remote working model is at the center of our lives?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep in touch.

The first step to create a feedback culture starts with keeping your internal communication alive. Ensuring continuous communication between teams, managers and employees plays an important role in building a sustainable feedback culture. Continuous communication allows instant returns for all-year feedback without waiting for the end of the year.


  • Make your employees feel they are not alone.

Even during conversations in office elevators, coffee breaks, or dining areas, we actually unwittingly assessed the day, giving mutual feedback. At the same time, both parties were able to express themselves in the most accurate way with gestures and facial expressions during communication. However, it's a lot harder to provide that and make your employees feel that you are with them in this period when distances intervene. To make this process more bearable, you can start the first day of the week with online coffee, create a morning routine and chat with your employees before talking about business. Evaluate the last week together and give mutual feedback. 

Digitally, you can create short pulse surveys about the happiness of your employees. In these surveys, which will be answered anonymously, you can periodically measure their mood including outside of business hours, and discover early on which departments are in a negative mood. 


  • Create environments where your employees can freely express their every opinion.

Although the transfer of information from the manager to the employee comes to mind when it comes to feedback, actually the transfers from the employee to the manager are also very important. However, some are unable to work in environments where they can do so freely or avoid giving negative feedback as it would reveal their identity. In order to prevent such situations, create environments where your employees can provide anonymous feedback with suggestion systems or surveys, and enable them to share their thoughts with confidence.


  • Remove the distance between you and your employees through instant feedback digital applications.

Leverage digital platforms that will disregard distances for instant feedback. You can use stickers and communication language to reflect your company culture on these digital platforms. Enable your employees to easily give feedback from anywhere at any time. Thus, you will create a more enjoyable process by preventing this process from becoming a huge workload.


  • Provide feedback continuously, not periodically.

It seems unlikely that performance evaluations, which are made once a year, will continue to have an impact in the digital age. Instead, feedback activities, which are carried out in shorter periods and where sincerity replaces seriousness, will make employees feel more comfortable. You can create short surveys on the topics you determine related to the working environment or you can benefit from the Sorwe CockpitThus, creating a permanent culture of feedback will become easier for everyone.


So, what kind of work environment awaits you after the tricks we have compiled to create the feedback culture are realized?


Here are the big changes created with small touches and their effects:

  • The fear that your employees feel most intensely in the feedback processes will be replaced by a sense of curiosity and excitement.
  • A sense of confidence, intra-company trust, and employee engagement will strengthen thanks to feedback with anonymous options.
  • Feedback processes will become more fun thanks to stickers that reflect corporate culture on digital platforms.
  • Time will be saved thanks to the speed of digital.
  • The most up-to-date results will emerge with instant feedback from all employees.
  • Most importantly, a high-performance and energetic working environment will be created with more engaged and participatory employees.

Manage Your Feedback From A Single Platform At Sorwe

It is now easier and more fun to create a feedback culture in your company with Sorwe, which combines all these tricks and more for you and combines all solutions in a single mobile application. Thanks to Sorwe, the new generation employee experience platform, you can collect instant feedback with automatic pulse surveys and the happiness barometer, and you can also analyze emerging results with breakdowns in the department, age group, gender, etc.

Contact us and let's meet and explore the speed of digital feedback together!

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