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26 August 2021 | 4 Minute
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HR Analytics

In firms, there are different human resources processes, such as recruitment, guidance, and performance management. Comprehensive and diverse data is acquired in each of these stages. On the other side, HR analysis examines and enables them to make strategic decisions on the data gathered in such operations. HR analytics addresses recruitment, performance, and enterprise-related procedures. HR analytics, therefore, play an essential part in firms' continuity and performance.

Internally, HR analytics must be adopted and deployed using proper approaches. We've included the knowledge and solutions you'll need for successful HR analytics in this article, so you can better understand, assess, and implement human resources with the right methods.


What is HR Analytics?

HR analytics is a method for statistical analysis, data mining, and data visualization, as well as making sense of data obtained from HR procedures. HR analytics data that is useful reveals the success of HR operations within a firm, as well as the company's strengths and areas for improvement. Furthermore, relevant data is critical when it comes to making human resource management decisions. In a nutshell, HR analytics uncovers data that helps a company's human resources to be better understood, managed, and improved.


How is HR Analytics Applied?

The quality and reliability of data collected from human resources processes determine the success of HR analytics. As a result, firms should first assess the appropriateness of the methods and technologies utilized in their human resources procedures before embarking on HR analytics. For procedures like data processing, analysis, and reporting, appropriate analytical methods and applications should be determined. The human resources functions that the organization needs to develop most urgently, as well as the metrics to be employed, should be determined throughout the integration of HR analytics methodologies and practices.


The quality and reliability of data collected from personnel processes depend on the success of HR analyses. Therefore, businesses should first examine the suitability of methods and technologies utilized in their human resources processes for successful HR analysis. For procedures such as processing, analysis, and reporting data, appropriate analytical methods and applications should be identified. The human resources function the organization has to develop most urgently and the measurements to be applied should be determined through the integration of HR analysis methods and practices.


How HR Analytics Contributes to HR Management and Strategies?

HR analytics contributes to HR management, determination, and implementation of appropriate strategies by analyzing data from recruitment to human resources processes. The main HR metrics that HR analytics contribute to HR management can be listed as follows:


> Recruitment: HR analytics examines the efficacy of recruitment methods, the company's accomplishments, the impact on corporate culture, the company's recruitment patterns, level of success, and operational development, and allows for the management of recruitment processes in line with the company's demands.


> Talent and Performance Management: HR analytics contributes to the determination of the necessary processes by analyzing the data on the talents and performances of the employees in order to increase the work efficiency of the companies and to achieve their goals.


> Training and Development: HR analysis, which assesses employee skills and performance, also examines employee competencies for company objectives and plans, helps to identify and evaluate the required training and development activities.


> Dismissal: HR analytics analyzes data on employee motivation, satisfaction, and engagement levels, and evaluates the turnover process of employees, reducing the staff turnover rate of companies and saving the resulting time, cost and workforce.


Sorwe HR Analytics Solutions

Sorwe ensures that your data is authentic and reliable with the solutions it offers for HR procedures. Sorwe provides HR analysis, including fundamental HR metrics, sufficient to meet your business goals, in the process of analyzing this data. The following can be summarized by the Sorwe HR analytical solutions and their contribution to your HR management:


> Nine Box Analysis: This tool analyzes employee performance and potential, which you can use in your talent management, training, and succession plans.

> Automatic Backup Plan: This program makes it easy to develop your staff's backup plans in crucial positions in your firm. 

> Leaving Tendency Analysis: This tool examines and estimates the turnover and implementation trends of employees, taking certain parameters into consideration. Thus, by lowering personal turnover, you can manage your company's resources more efficiently.

> Task Compliance Analysis: This method, which can be used in a variety of activities ranging from recruiting to talent management, examines the relevant competency, personality, and behavior sets for your company's positions as well as current employee data to generate a competency map. 

> Text Analysis: This tool analyzes written data from recommendations, open-ended questions, and questionnaires, and categorizes texts based on whether they contain positive, negative, or neutral approaches. 

> Segmentation Analysis: This tool displays the distribution of your employees across various indices, as well as various information from your employees' attitudes toward the unit in which they work.

> Organizational Network Analysis: This tool analyzes the network of relations within the company by revealing the communication and cooperation between people or units in your company and allows you to manage resources much better.

> Values Analysis: This tool determines the values that affect the behavior of your employees and helps you create a high-performance and sustainable corporate culture by analyzing their compliance with corporate values.


You may build successful HR analytics within your firm with Sorwe technologies and conduct data-based, more efficient procedures. You may save both work and time with the latest generation Sorwe solutions. You can also contact us for further information about Sorwe solutions.

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