Monthly Performance Checklist for Successful Managers

21 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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Monthly Performance Checklist for Successful Managers

Do you sometimes not understand how days, weeks, or even months pass because of your busy workload?

As a result of digitalisation and remote working systems, we often spend our days hectically, full of meetings arranged one after the other. It is getting harder and harder to act in a plan for your day.

So, as a successful manager, how can you stay up-to-date by improving your team and yourself?

While making plans you can use the checklist below to make sure that you focus your effort correctly and also to periodically review your influence on your employees.

What steps you can take in the workplace to achieve a planned performance improvement?

o To improve the skills of your employees, prepare monthly plans and determine what to do and when. (Coaching, mentoring, training, feedback, etc.)

o Check if you are clear about the orientation of your department or team. Are you implementing your strategic plan? Determine steps to stay up to date on top management's agenda.

o Plan your monthly meetings in which you review the results of your team or department.

o To give positive feedback to all of your employees, make a list of their strengths and what they do well.

o Make sure your team knows how far they've come in the past month, what they've learned, and what they need to do better this month. To do this, you can set up brief interviews with team members.

o Do you write your goals? Make sure you have a 90-day business plan that is updated weekly and monthly. Make sure you share it with the team.

o Review financial information of your team or department. You can define action plans on how your department can help the company increase revenue or reduce costs.

o Organize monthly meetings in which you will inform all parties and stakeholders you cooperate with (subordinates, superiors, peers, suppliers, customers) and clarify the tasks with them to achieve business results.

o Prepare an action plan that will actively involve your employees in offering suggestions. You can organize suggestion meetings where every suggestion is rewarded.

o Review your relationships with colleagues or other strategic partners you met last month. How did you or the company benefit from this network? What will you do this month? You can share the progress via text messages, so you can maintain the connection with them.

o What help can you ask from your colleagues, a "brain" group, or any other source?

o Check your upcoming strategic needs (personnel, systems, processes, etc.). You can initiate the processes and follow their progress by communicating these topics to the relevant departments (human resources, finance, purchase, etc.).

o What will you improve and implement more effectively next month? Take notes and add them to your monthly plan.

Finally, did you and your team have any fun, laughing together and making jokes last month? What are you planning to do to maintain the same pleasant atmosphere this month?


What should you consider in your personal life to have a healthy career journey?

Besides the steps you take for your work environment, you should make sure that you spare time for yourself in your personal life. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions.


o What will you do this month to take care of yourself? Do you eat properly and exercise at least three days a week? Note down any changes you have been wanting to implement for a long time and activities that feel good for you.

o What will you do with your family, loved ones, and friends this month? What are your plans for spending quality time?

o Create a list of things to watch, read or list to improve your career and yourself. You can check out the Sorwe Newsletter which contains current news and recommendations for HR professionals. (Please send us an email at to sign up)

BONUS: To create an attitude that radiates success, happiness, and peace in your workplace; address an issue that seems unfair to you and solve it in a way that makes you proud. Both yourself and your environment will benefit from you being the source of change.

Going through this checklist every month or in the periods you determine will improve the healthy control both in your company and in your personal life and it will also ensure effective results.


Are you ready to implement these changes beginning next month? Let's start!


We would like to thank Performance and Culture Development Specialist Dilek Mete for the checklist.


Dilek Mete

Performance ve Culture Development Expert 

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