Performance Management Examples

25 February 2022 | 3 Minute
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Performance Management Examples

What is the definition of performance management? 

Performance management is a strategic strategy to enhancing and maintaining employee performance, resulting in increased company effectiveness.

In practice, performance management entails management's ongoing efforts to develop their staff, set clear targets, and provide timely feedback throughout the year.

Performance management is a vital mechanism for onboarding, developing, and retaining people, as well as reviewing their performance, for the Human Resources department.

One of the most important company operations is employee performance management. As a result, you must choose which type of employee performance management is most effective for your firm. Employee performance management can be divided into two categories: qualitative and quantitative employee performance management.

While performance management may appear to be a straightforward procedure the process is actually quite complex. That is why we have compiled this list of performance management best practices.


Examples and ways to do it

Examples of employee performance management can vary depending on the sector, organization size, and goals. This is why there are at least nine performance management ways that you can use for your own company: 

  • Employee performance management by employee group
  • Employee performance management by employee
  • Employee feedback
  • Employee recognition
  • Goal-setting
  • Peer review
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Coaching 
  • Employee performance management software


Effective performance review phrases

Many performance reviews are divided into categories based on abilities and goals, with words that correspond to each.

The words you use in a performance review have an impact on how effective it is. In a positive and inspiring manner, an effective review should emphasize an employee's strengths and places for progress. Here is a collection of popular performance review terms for each review skill, depending on what talents or goals you are evaluating:


  • With / for..., achieves optimal levels of performance and accomplishment. 
  • [Specific accomplishment] is supported by strong evidence. 
  • Exceptional in creating programs/strategies that have yielded X results. 
  • Through [particular work], we were able to increase production by X%. 
  • Through [particular task], we exceeded the original aim of X by X%.

Creativity and innovation

  • Uses innovative thinking to put a company's vision into action
  • Continues to propose fresh ideas in meetings and on projects. 
  • Takes the initiative to establish new ways of thinking in order to improve project or company performance.


  • Communicates well with coworkers, managers, partners, and customers.
  • In team meetings and conferences, clearly communicates ideas and thoughts.
  • Is a constructive communicator who can effectively and concisely handle challenging subjects.


  • Output standards are exceeded. 
  • Produces more than expected on a regular basis 
  • Is a significant component to the department's success. 
  • Contributes significantly to the organization's sustained operation and expansion. 
  • Exceeds performance targets on a regular basis.


5 major brands and their best practises


Performance management software for Airbnb employees is a sort of employee feedback/review with a feature that allows employees to control their own performance. 


Setting goals for both short-term and long-term is one of LinkedIn's performance management measures. They'll also be judged on how well they did in reaching those objectives. In addition, this type of performance management for employees incorporates both 360-degree feedback and employee recognition. 


In addition to providing feedback and goal planning, Facebook employee performance management software also incorporates employee coaching as an employee performance management example. 


By regularly monitoring the progress of employees toward their goals, Microsoft has developed a model for employee performance management that relies on goal-setting. Both the firm and the individuals are the subject of this employee performance management case study.


With Sorwe, you can build a strong OKR system and unite your entire company in a single goal. Thanks to being mobile, your employees will always be able to follow their own performance processes. You can contact us for the performance management system

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