Performance Management Focus Is Changing

30 June 2021 | 2 Minute
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Performance Management Focus Is Changing

Performance management is all about how each individual chooses to balance their goals with company goals. So it's about balancing our lives… The basis of the life balance is the management of time and priorities. Whether we consider this at the corporate level or personal life, we basically ask the same questions for success.

As the things we need to learn to stay up-to-date increase, our roles differentiate, responsibilities rise, business and personal life goals turn over and chaos grow, do you intimidate the jobs that come to you like an avalanche? So, what do you do for managing your time and goals effectively? In Covey's words, managing time and priorities are essential for personal success for being an effective person, namely for the "Balance of Your Life."



If you are reading this article to design a corporate performance management process, let us remind you that you should focus not only on the right column in the table but on both areas. Because the answers to the questions on the personal side also affect the success of your company. Now reread the questions, but this time put your people at the center or yourself. Try to answer your life by thinking 360 degrees with your family, friends, job, career…. Because there are always people at the center of your company! We will provide them with the tools to succeed not only at work but also in life. Individuals' performance is shaped by the culture they live in.

The indisputable truth: "Happy employee = successful company"


These four steps definitely work when it is taught to individuals acting together. Ultimately, each team achieves a goal that is agreed upon and whose responsibilities are determined. But is there a success where you have reached, that is, has a result been achieved in a timely manner, with a value created in the middle, and that makes all parties happy? Does the destination picture you draw when you first set look like the place you reached? Was the length of the paths that lead you to the destination, the number of obstacles and the energy, time and resources you spent on your solutions worth it? This is where the real problem starts. We all focus on setting a goal and reaching it, both in our personal lives and business. 

We all work hard, waste energy, but are our results worth it? If it's worth it, happiness comes after him.

How do you most effectively use your time, energy, and resource on an uncertain route to your destination?

Let's look at five main steps for a sustainable high-performance culture.


Set Your Goal and Announce

Imagine the place you want to reach; describing the picture in your mind with words is the first step in setting goals.

"Imagine it, picture the details in your mind and describe your picture."

Whether it is the process of determining individual or company goals, it is perhaps the most challenging part and should be supported with the most data, as it is at a point that guides and guarantees success. Whether you are an individual who takes responsibility for his/her life or a CEO who has expanded these responsibilities and is likely to have more people in its sphere of influence, you focus on the same primary areas of life.


Family, Health, Work, Friends, Career; the goals you will add to these 5 basic areas of life will enable you to mentally focus on your life balance. It is critically important to set the right goal for the right focus. For example, if the goal is to maintain a well-run family life, you set a goal to keep this order. Or, if it is a period when you have difficulty reaching your goals in business life, you shift to your time investment to your family. So what will your family say about this situation? What risks will increase if you do not use the time you get from them correctly?

Stage 2 will make sure that you get the support of all stakeholders while you are going to the goal, it will make it easier for them to show you more empathy, and "Getting the contribution and approval of others" will enable you to move forward with the least risk and the highest support.

Receive Contribution and Approval of Others

You have set goals. We will now try to refute a mathematical truth. In this chapter, we will tell you, "1 + 1 = 4 or even 6". How? With synergy...

You can create synergy by opening the company goals to employees, enabling them to develop their contributions, their dreams, the projects they want, and to form their teams. By including employees in the flow, you can further internalize company goals and turn them into a natural process with broad participation while laying the building blocks of performance management.

Build and Collaborate Your Team

Individual success is important for employees' self-confidence and motivation. But the transformation of individual success into team success is much more important and healthy.

Measure and Collect Feedback

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. It is essential that you measure both dimensions we said at the beginning; perception and truth! These will take you to your other necessary admission; "These may change along the way, every learning we get from our mistakes and analysis should give the courage to update the targets, even daily if necessary."

Life Balance Model

As we said at the beginning of the blog, your employees must manage the business and personal life together. Your ability to see, understand and even support this is critical to gain employee enthusiasm and commitment. It is now the indispensable principle of leaders to target both successes and think about employees' health and happiness. Managing a fair workload distribution is the most critical responsibility of all your managers.

Each phase of these five dimensions leads to a model that you need to think about, measure, plan and take action for both company goals and personal life.

If you are curious about the rules and models of determining individual and corporate company goals, you can read ‘The Formula for Target Setting’


Dilek Mete


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