Features to Look at in a Pulse Survey Tool

27 May 2022 | 4 Minute
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Features to Look at in a Pulse Survey Tool

What is a Pulse Survey?

A pulse survey (sometimes called a "pulse check survey" or "pulsing") is a set of questions delivered to employees on a regular basis to collect information on employee satisfaction and engagement.

A pulse survey, as the name implies, is done on a regular basis to get feedback from employees and find out what's going on right now.

And the best way to do that by using a pulse survey tool. An employee pulse survey tool is a software that allows firms to strategically and process-driven evaluate the pulse and feelings of their employees. The goal is to maximise the potential of technology and system knowledge while reducing the amount of manual labour needed for gathering employee feedback.

Why Use a Pulse Survey Tool?

Employee pulse survey tools give users a distinct advantage over those who create surveys from start or use templates downloaded from the internet. You may gather detailed employee feedback and insights, analyse the data using advanced analytics, and make decisions based on the information. An employee pulse survey tool can save you from having to keep survey records and send out forms at short intervals. If you don't have this tool, taking pulse surveys on a regular, even daily basis can be a lot of work.

Fortunately, the right tool can do a lot for you and make sure that all of the questions you ask have a scientific basis. It can also keep a record of all the pulse surveys you've done so that you can look back at them later.

  • You will save time and effort.

You can save time and effort by logging into the pulse review app on your mobile device. Make data-driven decisions and consistently collect employee input to determine what works and what doesn't in the organization. Excel sheets must be terminated! With a well-researched survey template created by subject matter specialists, you may save hours. Organizations should not wait any longer to obtain feedback; the more you wait, the less likely it is that departing employees will react.

  • You will centralize employee feedback with a single platform.

Pulse surveys are ideal for getting quick but frequent feedback from employees. However, keeping track of all of the great feedback you've acquired can be difficult due to volume! On a single platform, a pulse survey tool visualises your survey data within your own analytics dashboard.

  • You will get real-time results instantly.

The faster you get the information, the faster you can act on it. Your pulse survey software should provide you with real-time results so you can have an immediate impact. You can overcome risks in real time with this knowledge before they turn into difficulties, resulting in voluntary attrition, poorer productivity, and employee disengagement. 

Clear, easy-to-understand reports provide real-time feedback on how people are feeling as well as a historical perspective to track participation trend data.

  • You will collect answers anonymously and reach higher participation.

Because the survey is anonymous, employees are more likely to answer all questions honestly, resulting in more accurate results for management and better participation. Organizations can work proactively to boost engagement and performance by regularly reviewing survey data and connecting it to action plans. Annual engagement surveys typically receive substantially lower response rates than pulse surveys. Consequently, HR and managers always know what employees think about a wide range of issues, as well as how the company is doing.


Features You Must Search for in the Pulse Survey Tool

On the market, there are a range of tools that provide various sorts of monitoring and employee questionnaires. 

So, how can you determine which digital pulse survey tool is the best?

Now that you've decided to implement an employee pulse survey in your company, you must decide which software vendor to work with, considering the features you must search for in the pulse survey tool.

  • Customizable templates and questions

You'll need a pulse survey template that is as dedicated to your success as you are. The pulse survey template should be a fully customizable, anonymous workflow that streamlines your company's routine feedback. You can design unique questions.

  • Ready-made question templates

Your pulse survey tool should include a ready-to-use template for a quick employee pulse check survey. The questionnaire, when it’s ready made, takes very little time and provides you with valuable information about overall well-being, workload, and employee satisfaction. You will have a chance to choose from ready-made question templates that have been validated by professionals and are backed by scientific research.

  • Notifications and automatic reminders

Make sure that your tool has features like notifications to employees and auto-reminders. With automatic follow-up reminders to non-respondents, you can make sure no one is forgotten and increase participation in surveys.

  • Mobile-friendly access

Today, everyone is on their phones. When you have a mobile-friendly tool, you may send surveys to your employees' mobile apps without having to log into several survey services. They can complete the survey whenever they have free time during their shifts or after hours, without switching on their computers. As a result, people will be more likely to participate in polls.

  • Make room for more people

Did you forget to include someone in your survey? Your tool should allow you to add additional respondents once you have sent your survey.

  • Automate and save for the future

By choosing the optimum survey platform, you may create a survey in minutes by selecting the target audience and automating routine employee surveys. You may publish an unlimited number of surveys. By viewing the results, you can create additional surveys that are connected to the prior ones and save them as draughts for future use.

  • Don’t get lost in big data

It is recommended that you examine collective data as a normal procedure. Individual feedback is valuable, but collective feedback is what leads to solutions: the employee experience! An employee pulse survey software should enable employers to see the big picture through visuals and charts, providing a holistic view of how an individual has responded in comparison to the rest of the team and how their responses are similar or different and save you time without the need to get lost in large data sets.

  • Real-time results 

You must monitor results in real-time and receive complete information after the survey. Which department, location, or unit receives the most responses in your surveys? The number of people who took the survey should be shown in real-time, and detailed answer distributions should be shown in the survey reports.


Choose the right tool: Sorwe

An employee pulse survey tool, which brings everything you need into one place like Sorwe, can help your business grow a lot. We can help you get a sense of how your employees are feeling and manage their performance, align goals, and use daily feedback to turn strategy into results.

With Sorwe you can stay on top of all the trends, needs, and expectations of your employees, which can help you keep your employees happy, cut down on the number of people who leave, and build a great workplace.

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