What Are the Most Common Causes of Resignation and How to Prevent It?

01 September 2021 | 3 Minute
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What Are the Most Common Causes of Resignation and How to Prevent It?

One of an employee's essential rights is resigning, which is described as a voluntary or indefinite leave from the workplace. The reason behind a resigning employee's decision to leave, on the other hand, is extremely important to a company. Human resources departments at companies that consider this issue hold a resignation meeting with the employee who wishes to resign. Companies take steps to avoid losing more employees as a result of the meeting's outcomes by implementing particular improvement practices.


What motivates people to resign? 

For a variety of reasons, an employee may resign from his or her position. These causes aren't always related to the company's internal processes or operations. Employees may desire to leave their positions for reasons other than the company, such as marriage, military duty, or health reasons. Companies are now more likely to consider and assess resignations that come from within the company. Internal processes and procedures are sometimes cited as justifications for an employee's resignation. The following are the key reasons behind these resignations:

> Negative approach of an employee by the manager or other employees.

> Disregarding the job description and responsibilities of an employee with different jobs or overwork.

> Transferring incorrect or incomplete information to the new recruit as a result of the orientation process not being carried out properly.

> Not valuing, not appreciating, not rewarding the employee.

> Uncertain or inappropriate expectations of the manager or employer from the employee, not engaging in activities to keep performance and motivation high.


How to avoid resignations?

Employees may resign for a variety of reasons, including internal processes or operations. As a result, in order to avoid losing more employees for the same reasons, firms must execute various tactics and solutions for each resignation they want to avoid. The following are some techniques and solutions that can be used in response to the most common causes for resignation:

> A successful internal communication system creates a healthy information network while enhancing staff harmony and communication. Disputes and unfavorable attitudes that arise from the flow of information and communication among employees can be avoided. This procedure can be examined and necessary modifications made thanks to employee satisfaction surveys.

> With the companies adopting the feedback culture, employees can provide instant feedback on their current internal processes and operations. In this way, it is possible for companies to produce the necessary solutions before the employees take the decision to resign.

> Using proper orientation training procedures, employees' adaptation to the company's working and social environment can be completed more quickly and successfully. Employees get clear and sufficient information on job tasks, workflow, and organizational functioning at this phase. As a result, individuals may put their skills to good use without wasting time.

> Companies can increase employee motivation and engagement by using new generation recognition and reward systems. Thanks to the suggestion system, companies allow their employees to share their suggestions and ideas. In this way, he can increase their commitment by showing the value he places on them and their thoughts.

> Companies can use a variety of performance evaluation methodologies to assess the overall and objective performance of their personnel. Companies can then set job tasks that are appropriate for their employees' competencies, or engage in various training and development procedures to help them develop their skills. As a result, while raising employee enthusiasm and productivity, their degree of engagement to the firm increases as well.


You can follow this to avoid undesirable resignations and boost your employees' pleasure and engagement. With Sorwe you can get all the solutions you need. You can contact us to learn more about solutions from Sorwe.

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