What is a Reference, How Should It Be Established Within The Company?

09 November 2021 | 4 Minute
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What is a Reference, How Should It Be Established Within The Company?


There are several factors that human resources specialists should consider in order to select the appropriate candidate in their recruitment process. One of these factors is the research and control process for references. The reference check is usually carried out with managers and colleagues with whom the candidate has worked in previous work experience. For this reason, it is very important that you, as an HR specialist, do reference research and control in order to determine the most suitable candidate for the job position.

During the reference check phase, certain questions need to be prepared for the references the candidate submitted. In this article for you, we have explained how the reference can be built within the company by giving place to the concept of reference.


What is a Reference?

Reference means that another person or persons within the framework of human resources advise about the candidate who is in the recruitment process. References are usually managers or experts who evaluate the candidate's competencies and performance if the candidate has past work experience. Candidates who do not have work experience usually get the references of the authorities of the companies they do internships or the trainers at the school.


How to Do Reference Check?

Reference checking is considered a phase of the recruitment process. As an HR specialist, you can perform reference checks with people who have knowledge of the candidate's previous job or educational experiences, such as performance, potential, and competence. Depending on the position and the candidate, you can configure the reference control process within the framework of your company's HR policies and set various procedures.

If you give information about who you are looking for and for which position you are looking for, the reference can convey more clear information in this direction. It is very important that you listen well to the person you are interviewing for, ask questions about the candidate and get answers. Although the reference interview is related to the candidate, you should also consider your employer brand during your communication with the other party. Therefore, it is very important to be positive and friendly towards the reference.


What Questions Can Be Asked During a Reference Check?

The questions asked as an HR specialist may differ depending on the position and reference. During the interview, you can add questions other than the standard reference questions about the points you wonder about the candidate.


We can summarize the scope of standard questions that you can use in reference control as follows:

  • Responsible jobs in the candidate's past experience
  • The candidate's relationship with the manager and colleagues
  • Candidate's starting and leaving dates
  • The candidate's reason for leaving the job
  • Candidate's job performance and competencies
  • The candidate's work discipline and compliance with the internal rules
  • Suitability of the candidate for the position for which he or she is being considered


How to Build Reference Control?

Although reference control plays an important role in determining the suitable candidate in the recruitment process, performing this check-in with companies with high recruitment can lead to a waste of time. Therefore, there is a need for new generation solutions that increase the efficiency of this process.

In addition to its solutions that increase the efficiency of the recruitment processes, Sorwe provides reference applications to open positions of companies through its Bringo tool. The current employees of the company can suggest suitable candidates for the position by sharing the open positions on their social media accounts. In this way, you can save time by eliminating the workload of the reference control process. You can contact us for more detailed information about Sorwe recruitment solutions.


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