What is Digital HR - Digital HR Strategies

19 August 2021 | 3 Minute
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What is Digital HR - Digital HR Strategies

Nowadays digitalization has started to take place in every sector. Digital HR can be summarized briefly as the digitalization of human resources. Digital HR offers the advantage of a strategic change not only in the technological aspect of human resources but also in the services and processes of human resources. Although many of the leading companies have already adopted digital HR, the new way to manage HR services and processes, today there are companies that have not or are trying to achieve digital HR transformation.

What is Digital HR?

A large part of HR services and processes are being moved to the digital environment through the development of digital technologies and diversification of business models. Digital HR is the digital transformation of human resources services and processes through the use of social, mobile, analytical, and cloud technologies. Digital HR aims to increase both employee experience and organizational success in a mobile and optimized manner by giving priority to digital in the traditional services and processes of human resources.


What are Digital HR Applications

Human resources services and processes such as recruitment, performance and talent management, personnel engagement, and collection and evaluation of HR data can be implemented through digital HR applications. These applications are mainly used for solutions for purposes such as recruitment processes, productivity growth, and talent management.


Recruitment and Orientation

Preferred practices in recruitment and orientation processes basically have functions such as pre-interview testing, evaluation, and sorting according to the data obtained. In this way, recruitment practices not only accelerate the evaluation processes of new candidates but also enable you to find the most suitable candidates for your open positions in terms of competence and compliance. 

This application also makes the orientation process more effective by providing the information needed by the new employee at the right time, content, and layout after successful hiring.


Talent Management 

Talent management applications include many systems such as training management, performance management. Feedback and data obtained with these applications are evaluated. Applications for the competencies of employees are determined according to feedback and data. In this way, competence, performance, and a people-oriented approach are created with solutions that will highlight the talents of employees.


Training Management

Rapid change and development of technology may also require employees to gain new competencies. The main purpose of the applications used for training and development is to provide, monitor, and evaluate training in accordance with the development and competence of the employees. These training applications are prepared by taking into account the relationship between employee competence and company goals.



Another issue that HR experts are responsible for is ensuring professional communication internal company. Communication applications allow easy and fast sharing of ideas, suggestions, and announcements. In this way, employee satisfaction and motivation can be increased by evaluating and quick solutions for the thoughts and suggestions that employees will share.

The Digital HR applications presented above basically provide faster, more convenient, and more efficient HR services and processes.


What are the advantages of digital HR?

Digital HR transformation of companies brings many advantages both for employees and for the company. Highlights of these benefits include:

  • With digital HR transformation, all human resources processes are integrated and automatically sustainable. In this way, the gain is achieved in terms of time management.
  • Information management becomes an easier and safer workable process. It ensures that corporate and employee information is transferred to the right people at the right time.
  • Analytical tools help improve HR processes and ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Future and goal-oriented recruitment processes are carried out, and existing employees ' competencies are improved in this direction.
  • The efficiency of HR processes and services increases, while the cost and workload decrease.

With digital HR transformation, human resources departments can easily access the solutions needed while determining their strategies for services and processes more appropriately and quickly.


With Sorwe, you can have both digital HR and Sorwe benefits by launching your company's digital HR transformation now. You can contact us for more detailed information about Sorwe solutions and advantages in digital HR transformation.

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