What is Employee Satisfaction Survey and How Is It Done?

06 August 2021 | 3 Minute
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What is Employee Satisfaction Survey and How Is It Done?

Employee satisfaction refers to how employees feel about all of the things they interact with at work. These elements include everything from the company's employee benefits to employee relationships. Employee satisfaction surveys, on the other hand, are used to assess employee satisfaction with their work environment. As a result, the company's strengths and weaknesses are identified, enhanced, and regulated.

What is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employee satisfaction surveys are studies that are undertaken to assess a variety of topics involving the firm and its employees, such as working conditions, employee engagement, internal communication, employee compliance, and employee competency development. Improvement plans are made in company strategy, aims, and resources based on the findings of the employee satisfaction survey completed at regular intervals. As a result, employee satisfaction surveys play a significant role in shaping a company's future strategy.

Employee satisfaction surveys show that employees' opinions are important and the company aims to improve the working environment and employee experience. The positive and negative factors that affect the performance, motivation, and commitment of the employees to the company are determined and improvements are made to increase them. With the improvement works carried out in line with the survey results, positive contributions are made to the company culture and work efficiency.

What is the Process of Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey? 

Preparation, application, evaluation, and dissemination of data are the four stages of employee satisfaction surveys:

> Preparation Process

Employee satisfaction surveys are designed specifically for the organization, taking into account the company's needs and objectives. The subject to be evaluated must be determined first for the employee satisfaction survey. The process and substance of the survey are determined by the topics. Creating direct questions isn't enough to ensure accurate and suitable outcomes. Management comprehension, internal communication, teamwork, working rights, working environment and circumstances, and training and development are all themes included in employee satisfaction surveys.

After the appropriate topic for the survey has been determined, it is time to come to the content of the survey, namely the questions related to the subject. The questions must be understood in the same way by all employees. For this reason, it is of great importance that the prepared questions are clear and about a single topic. In this way, more reliable and appropriate feedback is obtained for the purposes of the survey.

It's critical to get feedback on the questionnaire's questions using a measurement tool like a 1 to 5 scale. Employee response times are shortened as a result of such measurement tools, allowing them to make better judgments and responses. Furthermore, by ensuring that the feedback gained is measured, more objective, efficient, and reliable data is acquired.

Employee satisfaction surveys should be designed with questions in such a way that they safeguard the employees' confidentially. Employees who respond to survey questions anonymously are able to express themselves more effectively. As a result, the survey results become more reliable and have a greater impact.

> Implementation Process

Employees are told about the objective and strategy of employee satisfaction surveys before they are implemented. The employees' focus and interest in the inquiries are increased by providing preliminary information. For reasons like confidentiality and data analysis, the old paper-and-pencil method is no longer widely used in survey application processes. Digital technologies are used to administer surveys, which are more efficient, reliable, and rapid.

> Evaluation Process

It is not enough to just get the feedback of the employees with the survey questions. The data obtained from the surveys need to be evaluated with certain statistical analysis methods. With data with statistical value, more meaningful and effective results for the purpose and subject of the survey are achieved.

> Results Notification Process

Sharing the data gathered and analyzed from the surveys with the employees sends a message to the employees that their opinions are valued by management. Employee motivation and engagement can be achieved, in addition to favorable results, by involving employees in the problem-solving process.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Case Study

The design and content of employee satisfaction surveys are generally based on the issues to be evaluated. Applying a single survey to every subject or field prevents efficient and effective results. The following survey can be an example of an employee satisfaction survey prepared on a specific topic:

> For the Business Environment

(5) Strongly Agree

(4) I agree

(3) Partially Agree

(2) I disagree

(1) Strongly Disagree


The working environment is appropriate for the duties and responsibilities of the job. 

The development and improvement of the working environment are treated with sufficient consideration. 

In the development of the working environment and conditions, employee input is sought. 

In the workplace, there are sufficient security measures in place.


In the sample employee satisfaction survey produced for the business context above, the scoring scale and questions can be expanded. Long and time-consuming survey designs, on the other hand, may lower the dependability of the data collected and may not accurately reflect the current reality. 

Sorwe offers a completely new employee satisfaction analysis system that identifies issue areas during the most appropriate times for employees, resulting in dependable and effective findings. Sorwe's many features, from the production of employee satisfaction surveys through the analysis process, deliver rapid and precise results. You can reach out to us for additional information.

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